Danabol DS 10

Danabol DS 10

Danabol DS 10

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Package: 10mg (500 pills)
Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol)
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Danabol DS 10 (Active Ingredient: Methandienone) is probably one of the most famous steroids, otherwise it is sometimes called dianabol or methane, which in essence is the same. This is one of the most effective steroids to date. Using danabol, you can guaranteed to gain muscle gain. masses up to 2 kg per week! DANABOL DS is the same Danabol only of Thai production. Athletes with experience may remember this drug in the past as a very, very good product. Unfortunately, today in the market you can often come across fakes, where the content of methandienone is below normal. Therefore, we recommend our online store steroids-au.com that offers Danabol DS for Sale - of course, it is better to buy goods neatly and preferably in a trusted place.

The initial cycle of taking Danabol consists of: 2 tablets per day. One in the morning and the second in the afternoon. A smaller dose of danabol per tablet will not bring anything, and you simply lose time. On the day of training, it is best to take pills in two hours and in one dose, this will give the best result in training. After a full cycle of taking Danabol, it is best for everyone who cares about their body to drink: Tribulis, it will help preserve the gained muscle mass, Tamoxifen, Clomid, Nolvadex, Liv 52 helps to cleanse the liver.

How does Danabol DS affect the body

This steroid is twice as superior to testosterone in its anabolic effect, because methandienone does not break down in the liver. At the same time, danabol enhances protein synthesis throughout the body, which significantly affects appetite. Thus, the drug is guaranteed to increase the athlete’s weekly strength. In addition as recent studies have shown, danabol ds has a strengthening effect on bone tissue, which of course is very important not only for athletes experiencing great overload , but also for beginners.

Side effects

Of course, being a strong steroid, Danabol DS 10 also has its side effects. The drug is able to transform in the blood into estrogens, the so-called female sex hormones, which can cause some unpleasant effects in the body (breast growth, female type obesity, etc.) To neutralize this phenomenon, it is usually recommended to add another Clomid to the cycle. In addition, danabol also has the ability to retain water. In fact, this quality allows the athlete to quickly increase strength and muscle mass, but after the cycle is terminated, a kickback phenomenon occurs and the bodybuilder can lose up to 40% of the result. competently exit.

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