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Dianabol, also commonly known as methandrostenolone, and Dbol is popular in the bodybuilding community for its outstanding effects, which come in the form of large muscle and mass gain and tremendous strength gain, which is most in demand for the effect of anabolic steroids. The advantage of Dianabol over other steroids is that it has a quick action, which shows a whole range of usefulness. That is why it is best used in combination with other steroids, as an addition to a well-planned stack. Here we will give you an idea of the good and proper Dianabol cycles.


Dianabol has a short half-life, so it is best used when it is distributed in three even daily doses, mainly with food. It is also the best way to use it, especially when it comes to beginners. It comes in two forms: a tablet and an injection type, while tablets are used more often, and they come mainly in 5mg, 10mg and 50mg forms. This facilitates an even distribution of the daily dose. Some bodybuilding veterans are known to use the entire daily dose right before training, because this is the time when the concentration in the muscles in the muscles is the highest, but it is somewhat risky, because it can put too much pressure on the liver.

Dianabol for sale is mainly used in the offseason, when everyone tries to get more muscle and stronger, and, as mentioned earlier, while it can be used alone and with other steroids, it is most reasonable to use it on the stack, so these two methods are most often used. launch of the strike and the collapse of the plateau.

Starting up is the best way to buy Dianabol in Australia. When used on the stack, other steroids need time to take effects, while Dianabol effects can manifest very quickly. And by the time these other steroids begin to work, you have already made notable strides in muscle and strength. In this case, Dianabol is used between 4 and 8 weeks.
Plateau Busting is also a powerful and useful way to use Dianabol. Many people who use steroids from time to time fall into a wall of stagnation, and this is exactly where your body needs a jerk so to speak. This can happen at any time of the cycle, but in most cases it happens at the end of the cycle, between 7th and 10th. Using Dianabol at that time, its powerful effects and increased strength ensure that actual progress continues. For this purpose, the Dianabol cycle is rarely used for more than 6 weeks, and in most cases its 4 weeks in general. This type of use of dianabol for sale is mainly used by veterans or people who already have some experience with anabolic steroids.

Clenbuterol for sale in Australia for Weight Loss

Clenbuterol is often used by professional athletes to quickly get in shape for the competition period. In this regard, the drug has gained popularity among losing weight. But one cannot blindly follow a new trend. Medical products often have contraindications and side effects, which must be familiar with before use. In addition, Clenbuterol has its own application features, which will also be useful to learn.

Description of the drug

The drug is made in the form of white tablets and clear syrup. The second option is mainly used. The direct purpose of the drug is the treatment of asthma and bronchitis. The main active ingredient of the drug is clenbuterol hydrochloride.

Clenbuterol for sale is available in tablets and syrups

Clenbuterol can only be purchased at the pharmacy. In this case, you must show the prescription prescribed by the doctor. You can use the drug for three years from the date of manufacture. Clenbuterol should be stored at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

The principle of action and effectiveness in losing weight

The main effect of the drug on the human body is to activate the sympathetic nervous system, which triggers the process of splitting fats. In addition, taking Clenbuterol contributes to:

    - burning fat and drying muscles;
    - decreased appetite;
    - inhibition of protein breakdown.

Athletes say Clenbuterol really helps lower body fat percentage

    Clenbuterol for sale is often used by athletes during the cutting period. Many say that the drug is really very effective in reducing the percentage of fat in the body. The main plus of Clenbuterol for weight loss is muscle preservation. This means that while taking the drug, it gets rid of the fat layer.

Clen Side effects

Despite the fact that the drug is prescribed even for children in the treatment of bronchitis and asthma, it still has side effects. These include:

    trembling throughout the body (in this case, Ketotifen is an ambulance);
    increased sweating (the use of ordinary salt will help);
    increase in pressure;
    skin rash;
    restlessness and anxiety;
    dry mouth

How to take Clenbuterol for weight loss

Taking the drug for men and women for weight loss is slightly different. The maximum daily dosage for men is 120–140 mcg. Women should be limited to 80-100 mcg. An individual Clenbuterol regimen for weight loss should be prescribed by a doctor.

    The maximum duration of the drug is two weeks. After this, you need to take a break, which will last the same amount of time. If you are unhappy with the result, you can repeat the course.

Clomid in bodybuilding for beginners

Clomed (Clomid)
 is a synthetic estrogen, which is used in the sport as an anti-estrogen.

As you probably already know, just come to our site, without hormones at normal levels in any sport other than chess, curling and other Labuda, do nothing. If your favorite sport of bodybuilding, the fans and for the progress Klomidsteroidy needed. Without them, many will not notice that you generally do. When using steroids there are many side effects such as water retention, and gynecomastia (increased nipples) and the reason for this increased level of estrogen in the body of the athlete. To eliminate these side effects, and there is a class of drugs such as anti-estrogens including Clomed (Clomid).

Why increased estrogen levels in athletes using steroids? Male body can not produce the female sex hormone estrogen, and it appears in the Athlete’s body only after conversion of the male sex hormone testosterone. And it turns out this way the most powerful of female sex hormones – estradiol. The process of conversion is due to the aromatase enzyme called aromatization.

Antiestrogens certainly not invented to athletes who use a huge amount of Sustanon, did not go to the female breast. They were originally designed for women who have an excessive amount of estrogen in the body. A grossly overestimated the amount of estrogen could lead to infertility. As a result, medical anti-estrogens are used to prevent disorders of the ovarian stimulation and ovulation in women.

Antiestrogens are divided into two groups:

  1. Aromatase inhibitors – do not give testosterone converted into the female hormone estrogen, particularly estradiol.
  2. Estrogen Receptor – block estrogen receptors and thus estradiol does not show his negative qualities. This group and refers Clomed (Clomid).

Clomed (Clomid) – a synthetic estrogen, getting into the body it starts to affect the estrogen receptors and blocks with the much more powerful estrogen – estradiol, which is formed by the process of flavoring. Because of this, when properly selected dosage, symptoms of gynecomastia, and excess water in the body can be eliminated. It is worth noting that Clomed (Clomid) weaker than anti-estrogenic effects of tamoxifen. And action / price loses much Tamoxifen and therefore mainly used in the exchange rate after the therapy to speed up the natural testosterone athlete. It should be noted that many and to accelerate natural testosterone also prefer Tamoxifen.

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On FCT Clomed (Clomid) acts on the arc of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testes and stimulates the pituitary gland to release more gonadotropin in and thus increases the amount of luteinizing hormone in the blood. With this endogenous testosterone recovers faster. And in this period will be restored faster than its own production of testosterone, the more muscle mass and strength, typing on a course, you save.

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The main advantages of Clomid for bodybuilders

 – active substance clomiphene citrate. In men, clomiphene entering the body acts as an antiestrogen by blocking estrogen receptors and thereby binding them. Also, the drug prevents the negative feedback – the influence of estrogens on the hypothalamus and thus it affects the increased production of gonadotropins by the pituitary gland, and that further increases the production system of sexual organism – hormones – testosterone. A similar effect in the body, and tamoxifen, which you can also buy at our shopdoping.com site. According to some studies, tamoxifen recognized slightly more effective, but also more toxic as compared to Clomid.

Why should I buy Clomid bodybuilders?

Certain steroids, such as methane (Methandrostenolone, Dianabol) Turinabol, capable of entering the bloodstream, aromatized and converted into the female sex hormones. This leads to some undesirable effects to the end of the course. At the same time, other steroidal agents such Retabolil (Stanozolol) or Winstrol®, oxandrolone, practically do not possess this unpleasant effect.

In any case, if you choose for your course of steroid, which obviously is able to rapidly convert to estrogen, it is advisable to buy Clomid and start taking it.

It is worth remembering that as estrogen Clomed preparation after the course of anabolic effect is weaker than, for example, Nolvadex, Tamoxifen or Proviron.

Sometimes this alternatively Pregnil antiestrogen agent is used, which is a preparation of human chorionic gonadotropin. However, these two means of action completely different mechanisms.

Side effects

This antiestrogenic agent is safe, because it has almost no side effects. This is also the reviews of clomid, which can be found in large numbers on the Internet.

Relatively rare undesirable effect – is blurred vision, which is manifested in the form of circles before my eyes. If all of a sudden there was a bodybuilder this symptom, then the drug should be stopped immediately.

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Women who take this drug, sometimes there are pains in the lower abdomen, which caused an increase in size of the ovaries.

Where to buy Clomid for an attractive price?

Today you can buy Clomid in many pharmacies. Also it is offered to bodybuilders in many online stores dedicated to sports pharmacology.

But if you decide to buy Clomid in a drugstore, then the price can differ from a small to very high, and he’s sold as a drug, the use of which is not provided by bodybuilders.

In the online stores you can easily run into a cheap knockoff. We invite you to sports pharmacology, which is guaranteed to have a high level of quality.

Instructions for use Clomid

The optimal dosage of the drug on the day, which should not exceed – 50 – 100 mg, which corresponds to 1 – 2 tablets.

Effective recovery of the level of sex hormones male at this dose possible within 10 – 14 days of admission. It is not necessary to increase the dosage and duration of the course of Clomid, because it definitely will not lead to an increase in its efficiency, but increase the risk of side effects.

Other drugs that are used as an adjunct to steroid treatment

Clomid refers to anti-estrogen drugs, and its main effect is due to inhibition of estrogen action.

In addition, it is sometimes desirable to take the so-called boosters testosterone, which, for example, Tribulus relates. A drying useful fat burners, among which in the first place it is worth noting Clenbuterol.

You can also read the article about the drug.

Clomid in bodybuiding

Clomid or clomiphene citrate is a synthetic drug, not belonging to the group of steroids. Its structure is similar to estrogen and is used as a stimulant
of ovulation. Since its structure is very similar to estrogen, the drug can influence estrogen receptors located in the hypothalamus.

This in turn does not allow the hypothalamus to identify the “real” estrogen and promotes the synthesis of hormones gonadotropinovoy group, causing
enhanced production of male or female hormones.

Properties and use of the drug

Preparation relates to potent drugs. However, if the dosage required to observe, that it is safe for the organism. Drug action as well as estrogen,
appropriate blocking receptors in the hypothalamus. Thus, the brain receives information about the lack of estrogen. After this accelerated synthesis
starts and gonadotropin hormones are similar to them.

With this Clomid is used in bodybuilding. The main difference between the preparation of steroids and other chemicals is its ability to cause rapid
synthesis of testosterone. In turn, anabolic agents can increase the level of estrogen and inhibit the synthesis of endogenous testosterone. Estrogens are
the cause of gynecomastia. It is to prevent this side effect and requires the use of Clomid. With the ability to block estrogen receptors type of drug
stops the development of gynecomastia, which can be caused by the use of steroids.

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Since the drug is active synthesis of testosterone, athletes receive an additional boost. There are cases of using the drug to increase the anabolic
effects of the course. However, often it is used in combination with other steroids and growth hormones.

The dosing regimen

Before taking Clomid should be studied instruction. To consume the drug should be a time during the day. This can be done both separately and in
combination with steroids having no high activity. Among bodybuilders widespread use of steroids for a few months, after which they begin to use Clomid.
Although the drug and causes rapid synthesis of testosterone, it is not precisely determined, when it is best to start taking it.

Most often it is done after 7 or 10 days after the completion of the course. Most athletes using Clomid, however dosages were established experimentally.
Traditional medicine does not give any recommendations for athletes about how to take Clomid. The drug is taken for two weeks at 50 or 100 mg for days.
Sometimes it makes sense to increase the dosage to 100 mg. How long to take medication should be quite enough 3 weeks.

Possible side effects

When used in the above drug dosages for not more than three weeks, damage to the body is guaranteed not to be applied. If you still pobochki appear, then
they almost always disappear after discontinuation.

Among the major side effects is worth noting:

  • Flushed face;
  • Discomfort in the abdomen;
  • Vomiting and nausea;
  • Feeling pain in the chest;
  • General lethargy;
  • Baldness.

It is also possible swings in mood. There are cases when a woman who treated infertility consumed the drug and then had some behavioral problems. They had
depression, they become irritable and even aggressive, and their feelings of anxiety. However, in traditional medicine term use of Clomid substantially
greater than in sports. Among these athletes pobochek observed.

Buy drug can effortlessly as he freely sold in pharmacies, but the price is low Clomid. Although its use is prohibited sport and it can be easily detected.
This can occur within twelve days after the reception. This fact must be taken into account when preparing for competitions.

Clomid description for beginners

Clomid (synonyms – clomiphene citrate, clomiphene, klostilbegit) – a synthetic drug non-steroidal structure from the group trifeniletilenov antiestrogen action.
It is classified as a selective estrogen receptor modulator with dual properties: agonistic and antagonistic. This is due to the fact that in some cases
Clomid blocks the action of estrogen, directly affecting the receptors, and in others – activated receptors i.e. It acts in body tissues like real
estrogen. If the body contains low concentrations of estrogen, then Clomid exhibits moderate estrogenic effect, if increased – the anti-estrogen effect.
This drug has no androgenic or progestational activity.

Initially, the drug was intended for women to stimulate ovulation in infertility due to hypothalamic-pituitary ovarian disorders. Effect of the drug is
designed to block estrogen receptors in ovaries and the hypothalamus, increased secretion of gonadotropins by the pituitary gland and increase in the
concentration of estradiol in the blood.

Clomid bodybuilding

The drug is extremely popular in bodybuilding, powerlifting and weightlifting. In male athletes Clomid acts as an antiestrogen due to its ability to block
the effects of estrogen on the hypothalamus, which triggers a chain reaction:

  • It stimulates the production of GnRH (GnRH);
  • increases the production of luteinizing hormone by the pituitary gland;
  • It raises levels of hormones that stimulate the testicles;
  • increases the production of testosterone by the testes.

Because Clomid acts directly on the pituitary gland, it stimulates the growth of production of natural (natural) testosterone. For this reason Clomid is
essential for bodybuilders taking anabolic steroids. Especially needed medication at the end of the course, because after discontinuation of steroids in
athletes marked decrease in endogenous testosterone production and reducing its concentration in the body.

If you do not restore normal testosteron

If you do not restore normal testosterone levels, it is fraught with negative consequences, in particular, the significant losses to gain muscle volume and
strength characteristics. The absence or insufficient levels of androgens (such as testosterone) provides benefits dominant catabolic hormone cortisol. It
directly affects protein synthesis in muscle tissue and stimulates the catabolic metabolism. Among bodybuilders, this process is called post-steroid
frustrating because it can destroy almost all the muscles created. Receiving Clomid to prevent this process.

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Furthermore, usually at the end of the cycle practically all athletes encounter another problem with excess estrogen. The combination of “increased
concentration of estrogen plus testosterone reduced” significantly increases the risk of developing gynecomastia bodybuilders. Admission Clomid can
simultaneously solve both of these problems.

Basically Clomid is very effective in bodybuilding, because his property to lower the activity of estrogen in the body warns:

  • development of gynecomastia;
  • the deposition of fat and the formation of folds of fat;
  • accumulation of fluid in the body.

According to its characteristics similar to Clomid Nolvadex (tamoxifen), in principle, both drugs are interchangeable. What is preferable to take, it’s up
to the athlete based on the comparative analysis: contraindications, side effects and price policy.

It is often applied with Clomid Proviron, as this combination is considered to be the most effective to reduce symptoms and improve aromatase ratio of
androgens to estrogens.

Dosage and features reception

To consolidate the results and stimulate the production of natural testosterone Clomid should take 50-100 mg daily. This amount is enough for two to three
weeks of taking back the normal level of testosterone in the body. Clomid is undesirable to use more than 4-6 weeks in a row.

Because Clomid can dramatically raise the level of testosterone (the drug is characterized by a gradual rise), it is recommended to enter it directly into
the end of the course and in the recovery period, and to a sharp rise in the androgen hormone and its enhanced production of the body to take in
conjunction with anabolic steroids HCG (gonadotropin ).

HCG should not take more than three weeks, since excessively high levels of testosterone and estrogen can cause the opposite effect. Clomid also need to
continue to take and then, after the end of HCG.

Some experts for the “right” way out of a long course of strong steroids is recommended to use a slightly different dosage and scheme. In the early days of
the recovery period is taken Clomid increased dose – 150-300 mg daily, and then about two weeks – 100 mg, and continue until the end of the course – 50 mg

Women taking the drug

Among bodybuilders Clomid also enjoys a certain demand, especially before a competition. This is primarily due to the fact that his method allows
regulation of natural estrogen. Accordingly, Clomid successfully combats the problem of fat deposits: it helps build muscle and destroys fat in true female
problem areas – thighs and the side surface.

The decrease in the popularity of the drug effect is that women are more susceptible to side effects than men, because they are sensitive to changes in the
level of estrogen.

Side effects

In this regard, Clomid is considered one of the safest drugs. Bodybuilders say extremely low probability of side effects. But still it should be prepared
for the fact that taking Clomid may provoke some unpleasant phenomena:

  • hot flashes or fever;
  • nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • headache;

visual impairment (decreased visual or fog before the eyes).

If, however, “pobochki” made themselves felt, especially through ophthalmologic problems, you should stop taking Clomid or restrict its use, at least for a
certain time.

Clomid: dosage and side effects

Clomid or clomiphene citrate is a synthetic drug, not belonging to the group of steroids. Its structure is similar to estrogen and is used as a stimulant of ovulation. Since its structure is very similar to estrogen, the drug can influence estrogen receptors located in the hypothalamus.

 This in turn does not allow the hypothalamus to identify the “real” estrogen and promotes the synthesis of hormones gonadotropinovoy group, causing enhanced production of male or female hormones.

Properties and use of the drug

Preparation relates to potent drugs. However, if the dosage required to observe, that it is safe for the organism. Drug action as well as estrogen, appropriate blocking receptors in the hypothalamus. Thus, the brain receives information about the lack of estrogen. After this accelerated synthesis starts and gonadotropin hormones are similar to them.

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With this Clomid is used in bodybuilding. The main difference between the preparation of steroids and other chemicals is its ability to cause rapid synthesis of testosterone. In turn, anabolic agents can increase the level of estrogen and inhibit the synthesis of endogenous testosterone. Estrogens are the cause of gynecomastia. It is to prevent this side effect and requires the use of Clomid. With the ability to block estrogen receptors type of drug stops the development of gynecomastia, which can be caused by the use of steroids.

Since the drug is active synthesis of testosterone, athletes receive an additional boost. There are cases of using the drug to increase the anabolic effects of the course. However, often it is used in combination with other steroids and growth hormones.

The dosing regimen

Before taking Clomid should be studied instruction. To consume the drug should be a time during the day. This can be done both separately and in combination with steroids having no high activity. Among bodybuilders widespread use of steroids for a few months, after which they begin to use Clomid. Although the drug and causes rapid synthesis of testosterone, it is not precisely determined, when it is best to start taking it.

Most often it is done after 7 or 10 days after the completion of the course. Most athletes using Clomid, however dosages were established experimentally. Traditional medicine does not give any recommendations for athletes about how to take Clomid. The drug is taken for two weeks at 50 or 100 mg for days. Sometimes it makes sense to increase the dosage to 100 mg. How long to take medication should be quite enough 3 weeks.

Possible side effects

When used in the above drug dosages for not more than three weeks, damage to the body is guaranteed not to be applied. If you still pobochki appear, then they almost always disappear after discontinuation.

Among the major side effects is worth noting:

  • Flushed face;
  • Discomfort in the abdomen;
  • Vomiting and nausea;
  • Feeling pain in the chest;
  • General lethargy;

It is also possible swings in mood. There are cases when a woman who treated infertility consumed the drug and then had some behavioral problems. They had depression, they become irritable and even aggressive, and their feelings of anxiety. However, in traditional medicine term use of Clomid substantially greater than in sports. Among these athletes pobochek observed. 

Buy drug can effortlessly as he freely sold in pharmacies, but the price is low Clomid. Although its use is prohibited sport and it can be easily detected. This can occur within twelve days after the reception. This fact must be taken into account when preparing for competitions.

Description, composition and usage of “Clomid”

Clomid – estrogen receptor modulator, a stimulant gonadotropins. It is used by athletes and bodybuilding power triathlon to restore testosterone levels after
taking anabolic drugs and suppress the production of estrogen.

Pharmachologic effect

Clomid chemical composition and properties similar to estrogen acts on estrogen receptors in the ovaries and pituitary gland and causes a surge of activity
releasing hormones (luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating Gomonov). This reaction, in turn, affects the increase in testosterone levels.

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Clomid prevents the emergence of side effects caused by estrogen – in particular, gynecomastia (breast enlargement on the female type). Admission Clomid
after anabolic course extremely important for regulation of the internal hormonal processes.

Use and dosage

The duration of Clomid Reception 7-10 days, maximum – 2 weeks. Serving as a drug Clomid post-cycle therapy (PCT) Athletes usually begin 7-10 days after
taking anabolic agents.

  • Active Period: 7 days
  • Class of drugs: non-steroidal anti-estrogen types
  • Dosage Form: tablets for internal use
  • The optimum dosage up to 100 mg per day
  • Effects on liver function: a small, dependent on dosage
  • The effect on acne: present
  • Retention: No
  • Time detection in body tissues: up to six months

The recommended dosage is 50-100 mg per day (1-2 tablets). It is better to take Clomid once daily after meals with water. When the reception starts with
100 mg per day, five days after course better to reduce the dose of 50 mg. Since Clomid promotes the production of natural testosterone, the drug is used
with the utmost care – without exceeding the recommended dosage.


In some cases, Clomid is used not long after, but directly between anabolic courses – such an approach is appropriate when the courses have a longer

Contraindications and side effects

Clomid is contraindicated in patients with renal or hepatic failure, tumor or hypofunction (hyperactivity) of the pituitary gland, are hypersensitive to
constituents drug substances.

Excess doses can cause headaches, insomnia, nausea, slowing the motor and mental reactions. In rare cases, the allergic reaction can occur.

The use of Clomid in gynecology

In the treatment of female infertility in the first place is the therapy of drugs that can stimulate the production of hormones responsible for ovulation.
Such drugs today a great many, but the most commonly prescribed medication such as Clomid, which for many years has proven effective in the stimulation and
regulation of ovulation in women.

Synthetic estrogen called Clomid (clomiphene citrate), which is often prescribed for women with conception difficulties. The effect of this drug on the
male body is raising the level of hormones that stimulate the testicles. Effect of the drug is focused specifically on the pituitary gland. The drug
stimulates the natural production of testosterone, which is beneficial for athletes, especially at a time when the level of testosterone in the body above
the norm.

During the termination of an athlete taking steroids, the natural production of testosterone by the body is reduced, if not take the necessary measures to
normalize testosterone levels, muscle volume can significantly lose strength. Therefore, use drugs such as Clomid.

Instructions for use

In order to restore ovulation in women assigned daily at night to take 50 mg of the drug. Treatment should begin on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle.
If a woman’s periods are not available, begin treatment Clomid can be any day of the cycle. If ovulation has not occurred at the end of the month to start
taking the medication, prescribe higher dose (150 mg daily for the night). Identify successful ovulation may be on such indicators:

  • basal temperature;
  • progesterone levels.

Therapy is conducted with the appointment of small doses of the drug to get the desired effect. More than 6 courses of treatment Clomid is not recommended.

It so happens that treatment had a positive effect – ovulation has taken place, but the pregnancy while still not frowning. Then Clomid treatment continues
along the lines.

If ovulation has taken place, and monthly to begin, you need to see your doctor to confirm the presence or absence of pregnancy, and only then, if
necessary, to start a new course of taking Clomid.

Often pregnancy can occur in the next cycle after stopping treatment.

During treatment, the drug should be monitored regularly by a doctor to monitor the correct functioning of the ovaries, vaginal mucosa and cervix. If you
notice any changes, the course of treatment may be discontinued by your doctor. You should also tell your doctor immediately about the occurrence of sharp
pains in the abdomen during Clomid therapy. If there will be a significant loss of vision, the drug is not re-appointed. The drug increases the chance of
multiple pregnancy, what doctor must warn the patient before treatment.

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The drug can also be given to men in the treatment of oligospermia. Doses were 50 ml 1-2 times a day by a physician. The course of treatment Clomid is up
to four months with a permanent control of the composition (cellular, physical, chemical) sperm.

In drug treatment, you should be careful when driving or conducting activities that require quick reaction and attention.

Clomid – a potent drug, but under dosing and due to the short course of treatment, it helps with female infertility.

Clomid acts like estrogen, which is very important in the process of fertilization.

Clomid may be taken in conjunction with the gonadotropic hormones, as stated in the instructions for use.


The main contraindications to the drug are:

  • pregnancy;
  • hypersensitivity to the drug;
  • kidney or liver failure;
  • endometriosis;
  • reduced functionality of the ovaries;
  • cyst;
  • metrorrhagia;
  • the appearance of formations on the genitals;
  • Tumour.

The drug during pregnancy

In the presence of pregnancy, which should confirm the attending physician, the drug is contraindicated. Also, the drug is contraindicated in women who can
not become pregnant.

Active ingredients

Clomid comes in tablets. One package contains 10 tablets.

Clomid 1 tablet contains:

Active ingredient clomiphene citrate – 50mg.

Other ingredients: corn starch, sucrose, yellow iron oxide, magnesium stearate.

Clomid – this is an anti-estrogen, which is:

  • blocks the receptors of the ovaries and the hypothalamus, responsible for the production of estrogen;
  • It stimulates the maturation of follicles;
  • induces ovulation, in its absence;
  • increases the levels of estradiol in the blood.

High efficiency of the drug is at a normal level of estrogen and is ineffective when hormone levels gonadotrophic form.


Today, a lot of stores offering the most different products for athletes, as well as in pharmacies. Although you need to be careful to buy only
high-quality products. Clomid acceptable prices, so buy this drug is able to afford one.

Comparative table of prices for Clomid online stores, rub.


Possible dose

Clomid administered in a dose of 50 mg once a day after meal.

The treatment of infertility in women Clomid last 5 days (starting from the fifth day of the menstrual cycle and ends with the ninth day). If there is no
effect on the expiry of 30 days after the first course of treatment with the drug, the doctor may prescribe a second course of treatment Clomid, which will
last for 5 days. Doses will thus have 100 mg once a day.

Athletes start taking Clomid is recommended on the 7th day after the end of steroid use, but the exact time of the start of the reception is not
established. Typically, dosages of 50-100 mg per day for two weeks.

Before the drug can side effects of body systems:

  • nervous:
  • headache;
  • drowsiness;
  • slow response;
  • dizziness;
  • depression;
  • insomnia;
  • digestive:
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • flatulence;
  • diarrhea;
  • genitourinary (rarely):
  • abdominal pain;
  • frequent urination;
  • increasing the size of the ovaries;
  • dimmenoreya;
  • an allergic reaction (rarely):
  • rash;
  • dermatitis;
  • Other changes:
  • breast tenderness;
  • blurred vision;
  • weight gain.

Symptoms of overdose

The main symptoms of overdose are:

  • blurred vision;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • abdominal pain;
  • weight gain;
  • ascites;
  • tides.

In most cases, the unpleasant symptoms will pass by themselves, will be terminated as soon as the reception of Clomid.

The drug is highly effective in the treatment of female infertility for many years. About 80% of women taking Clomid, were able to resume ovulation, and
half of them after treatment was able to get pregnant. The predominant number of pregnancies occurred after three menstrual cycles.

This information is presented for informational purposes only. Upon receipt of any drug it is necessary to consult a doctor because what works for one
person for another can even be dangerous. Uncontrolled medication may be the most unpredictable consequences

Effectiveness of Clomid

Clomid (Clomiphene citrate) is a synthetic steroid, similar in structure to estrogen.

Clomid is a synthetic non-steroidal drug, similar in structure to estrogen. It is widely used as an ovulatory stimulant. Having similarity to the estrogen, it can bind to estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus. This makes it difficult to determine the real estrogen hypothalamus, and the hypothalamus, in turn, causes the pituitary to secrete more gonadotropins, such as FSH and LH. FSH and LH stimulate the ovaries, the testicles to produce more estrogen in women and testosterone in men.

Bodybuilding and Clomid

And the amateurs and professional athletes often use Clomid. Similarly, athletes often consume a range of other chemicals, such as anabolic steroids, HCG, tamoxifen, thyroid hormones, etc. Unlike other anabolic steroids or hormones Clomid not thereby reducing testosterone levels. On the other hand, causing a surge of LH, Clomid increases testosterone levels.

Almost all anabolic steroids have both anabolic and androgenic properties. In some cases, contribute to the formation of estrogen steroids. With the help of the enzyme aromatase is also converted into the female sex hormone, estrogen. Estrogen promotes the development of gynecomastia in bodybuilders.
Although bodybuilders like to show my body, it is unlikely any of them will want to flaunt effeminate chest. Therefore Clomid is used for blocking the development of gynecomastia. By blocking the estrogen receptors, it prevents the development of gynecomastia induced by anabolic steroids.

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When Clomid blocks the estrogen receptors in the brain, the hypothalamus causes a surge in LH and FSH – releasing hormones, which leads to an increase in the synthesis of hormones. LH and FSH also affect the testicles, causing further synthesis of testosterone. Testosterone gives an additional impetus to the athlete. Some bodybuilders take Clomid only for the anabolic effect. Others use it in combination with other steroids and growth hormones.

How effective is Clomid as an anti-estrogen?

Clomid is a weak anti-estrogen, do not stand relied upon as such when taking steroids with a high degree of flavoring, or if you are prone to gynecomastia.

The most effective method of receiving Clomid

Clomid have long half-life – about 5 days, and if so, then there is no need to split doses during the day. If you are taking Sustanon on the course and
start receiving Clomid 3 weeks after its completion, it will be correct to assume that the level of androgens in the body dropped enough to send the right signals. If the level is slightly increased compared to the conventional, the receiving Clomid 50mg per day for one week will not be effective. Therefore, in this case, you should start with a dose that is sufficiently high and work even at slightly elevated androgen levels. Perhaps we should start with 300 mg on the first day. The first day can be divided to welcome three-time receiving 2 tablets. From the second day can drink receiving 100 mg / day for 10 days, to complete the moment 50 / day for the remaining 10 days.

Letrozole in bodybuilding

Among the non-steroidal aromatase inhibitors, Letrozole is widely used in athletes. The product is in demand in 65 countries. It blocks the enzymes of aromatase. The drug is actively used by athletes and bodybuilders.

Letrozole is widely used as an additive during the intake of a course of steroids in order to achieve a decrease in the concentration of estrogen, as well as to increase the hormone testosterone. The remedy is one of the best among the likes of it. This makes the drug very popular with bodybuilders.

The conducted research has proved the high effectiveness of letrozole. The concentration of estrogen is reduced to 97%. A similar result can be achieved only when high doses are taken. Using the recommended rate can reduce estrogen to 76 or 79%. This is also a very good result.

Due to the low concentration of estrogen, the manifestation of side effects when taking steroids decreases. The use of the drug by bodybuilders helps to increase the synthesis of globulin, follicle-stimulating luteinizing hormones, as well as testosterone.

Effects of admission

The non-steroidal aromatase inhibitor has the following effects on the athlete's body:

  • Copies side negative effects from estrogens, including acne, gynecomastia, overflow, fatty subcutaneous deposits;
  • eliminates gynecomastia in any manifestations even at the initial stage of the course;
  • helps to keep muscle mass from catabolism after stopping the drug, which is often the case with the abolition of steroids.
  • The use of letrozole is advisable when taking a course with the use of androgens and anabolic steroids.

How to take

Bodybuilders are recommended to take a day of about 1-3 milligrams absolutely at any time. Daily use of even 100 micrograms allows you to significantly inhibit the effect of the enzyme aromatase. Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Otherwise, there is a sharp increase in the chance of developing negative consequences, especially a decrease in sexual desire.

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The daily dose for each bodybuilder is always chosen individually. It all depends on the experience, the age of the athlete, the duration of use of the non-steroid aromatase inhibitor, but should not exceed the optimal 1-3 milligrams. Calculate the exact amount of the drug will help a specialist. To consult a doctor is recommended before using any pharmaceuticals. Long-term use of the drug allows you to slightly adjust the scheme for taking this substance and use the drug not every day, but every other day.

Letrozole at PKT (post-course therapy)

The course Letrozola suggests the use of the drug in varying dosages. They can change quite a lot. On post-course therapy the norm remains unchanged. Within a week or 10 days, it is recommended to take the standard 2.5 milligrams per day, and then reduce the dosage to 0.5 milligrams in the next two or three weeks.

Possible side effects

The drug can cause:

  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • soreness in the joints;
  • increased body temperature;
  • strong sense of weakness;
  • baldness;
  • attacks of dizziness;
  • high pressure.

Such negative phenomena are manifested only when the athlete exceeds the recommended dosage of the drug. If you follow the instructions, there will be no side effects.

Possible contraindications

The drug is acceptable for admission to almost all bodybuilders. Observation with a specialist is recommended to those athletes who have any problems with the liver or an individual intolerance to one of the components of a non-steroid aromatase inhibitor. When the use of the drug is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, the course should be canceled and a more suitable preparation should be selected.

Reviews about letrozole

On the Internet you can find a huge amount of reviews about Letrozole from those who are engaged in power disciplines. Almost all athletes write about this aromatase inhibitor in a positive way. Most accent attention to the safety and high effectiveness of the drug. Another important advantage of the tool is the cost. It is one of the cheapest anti-estrogens available today.

Negative feedback on this aromatase inhibitor is difficult to find. Most of the negative opinions, first of all, are associated with negative effects, which are manifested only in cases when athletes exceed dosages, ignoring the recommendations given by the manufacturer.

Growth Hormone and Peptides

Earlier, growth hormone drugs were used in those sports that are called heavy. Today, such a course of athletes are more often than their "heavy" colleagues. After all, the effect of taking is amazing: stamina increases, the general tone of the body rises, and the fact that taking the drug helps to heal the injuries explains its breadth of application.

If you are planning to buy growth hormone ginotropin for injections, it is better to contact us. Before buying a drug, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to take it. After all, depending on the desired result and the initial state of the organism, the presence of certain diseases, the doses differ. To develop the correct scheme of reception, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use.

The scope of growth hormone

In modern bodybuilding it is used for:

  • Healing of joints after trauma. Therefore, it is included in the sports nutrition of football players, tennis players and athletes.
  • For burning fat (for drying).
  • For a set of muscle mass.
  • To help athletes "at an age", for which, for reasons of age, GH secretion is reduced.

How and when to take?

As for the regularity of the reception, the injections can be daily and periodic. Regarding the side effects that can occur when taking hormonal drugs, they do happen. But the responses of regularly receiving athletes are reduced to the fact that with a properly selected dosage and scheme of application of negative effects on the body, the drug does not. It is recommended to combine peptides and growth hormone - with a competent combination of GH with other agents, the effect will be much more noticeable.

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We provide an opportunity to buy growth hormone at an affordable price and guarantee its quality.


The pharmacological support of the athlete is not limited to anabolic steroids for weight gain or drying. In fact, you can call a huge number of drugs that can be conditionally attributed to doping, and, more simply, to stimulators of progress. Among such helpers, one can distinguish a remarkable drug clenbuterol, which is widely used in medicine to combat asthma.

What is Clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol - in people just clen - is not an anabolic steroid.
Yes, immediately it is necessary to declare this fact, as some still have doubts. In reality, the maple belongs to the group of adrenomimetics, which affects the body and leads to the excitation of beta-2-adrenergic receptors. As a result, our sympathetic nervous system starts to work actively due to the release of adrenaline and norepinephrine. The process of fat reduction - lipolysis is started.

It was discovered relatively recently, but immediately fell into the field of view of the sports environment. Maple was popular and began to be used as a fat-burning agent. Check for anabolic effects clenbuterol could not stand. The only thing that the drug is able to influence the burning of fat and the preservation of muscle mass, that is, exhibits anti-catabolic effect. Thus, clenbuterol has entered the frequent practice of bodybuilders on drying, as well as in those sports where it is important to stay within the limits of their weight category.

In a low-carb diet, clenbuterol is a real way for bodybuilders. After all, fat remains a powerful source of energy. It is important only to make the body oxidize these fats, which helps our maple. Clenbuterol helps to lose weight.

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The main purpose of clenbuterol is the oxidation and conversion of fat into energy, fat burning, and the preservation of muscle mass while cutting calories. Use it in the pre-contest period to achieve relief and venousity. Also, maple can be used simply to fall into the category of martial artists or powerlifters. However, maple can be used by people who want to just put themselves in order for some event or "sand scene" - the beach.

In view of its action to expand the bronchi (the original purpose of the drug), maple is used before the start in the lowest effective dosages. A fairly frequent maneuver is the use of maple in ski sports.

Effects of Clenbuterol

  1. Burning fat. In sport, the main direction of maple lies in lipolysis - the splitting of the fat layer - fat burning. This occurs by affecting the nervous system and stimulating the production of adrenaline together with norepinephrine.
  2. Increased strength. There is still the same way by the development of some hormones that increase the activity of the athlete - aderalanine, noradrenaline. As a result, there is a rapid reaction and transmission of impulses to the muscles.
  3. Powerful anti-catabolic. Indeed, clenbuterol, in addition to burning fat, has the ability to preserve muscle structures from destruction. Let maple is not an anabolic, but it suppresses cortisol and exhibits anti-catabolic action, which makes the drug extremely topical on drying and even after the massonabor cycle of steroids.
  4. Decreased appetite. Due to the activation of the nervous system, clenbuterol clearly suppresses the desire to eat. The problem is that not always the appetite is healthy, not always hunger is the identifier of the need for food. And so clenbuterol coolly reduces appetite, without worsening the moral state - quite the contrary.
  5. Increased stamina. Clenbuterol is used by many, even in place of pre-training complexes. And it is completely justified. The release of adrenaline and norepinephrine provides an increase in endurance, which is used by representatives of relevant sports disciplines. In bodybuilding, this effect is also positive and bodybuilders are happy with it for a low-carb diet, when the strength is already short for a productive workout.
  6. Clenbuterol dilates the bronchi. The initial medical purpose of the drug is precisely this effect. Therefore it is used in the treatment of bronchial asthma. In sport, this effect is used in functional sports, only with a small reservation. To increase stamina and expand the bronchi, maple is used in fairly low dosages.
  7. Stimulation of the nervous system. Adrenaline and norepinephrine - hormones that are produced by the adrenal glands, significantly increase the metabolism in the body and vital energy, drive.
  8. The appearance of the desire to exercise. Maple is used before training for the appearance of courage, which significantly increases the productivity of the training and the return from it.
  9. Dispersal of metabolism. Important factor in losing weight. Maple not only affects the activation of the splitting of fats, but also accelerates the metabolism, forcing the body to work more efficiently.
  10. Increase in temperature. Due to this effect, more calories are consumed, heat is released.

The general feeling of using clenbuterol is to increase vitality and energy. The effect begins just 40 minutes after use, from the very first time. And from the very first day the fat burning process is started. Increased stamina, it becomes easier to breathe, strength increases and the nervous system becomes more active. Therefore, you should use the drug in the morning (before 14:00) to avoid problems with insomnia.

How to take Clenbuterol

There are several effective strategies for using clenbuterol. One of them is based on the half-life of the drug. But in all cases, you need to start with a minimum dosage of 20 mg and gradually increase, based on your own tolerability.

The first scheme looks like two in two. It is easy to guess that this is a two-day reception and the same time limit. We drink for two days - we rest for two days. This cycle can last up to two months. However, serving bodybuilders are limited to 1-1.5 months before the performances. We start with a dosage of 20 mcg and add 20 mcg each time, assessing the state of health. If everything goes well, then adequately it will raise the dosage of maple to 120 mcg. If not - refrain from raising and allow the body to adapt. The fat burning will still happen.

The second scheme is as follows. We start with 20 mcg and take the drug every day, we increase the daily dosage by 20 mcg. On day 6 we go to a dosage of 120 mcg.

6-12 days - 120 mcg.

Day 13 - 100 mcg.

Day 14 - 80 mcg.

The diagram shows that we are increasing the dosage to 120 μg and in total we drink maple for 2 weeks, every day. After the end of a 2-week administration of clenbuterol, you need to make the same duration break. After that, the cycle must be repeated.

With what to connect clenbuterol?

Clenbuterol is really cost-effective to include in courses for drying, with appropriate anabolic steroids. For example, it is interesting to include clenbuterol in a steroid cycle, consisting of oxandrolone (oxaver) and trenbolone (simulator), along with stanozolol (stavel). You can also experiment and connect clenbuterol-ver together with testosterone propionate, boldenone.

To form a dry muscle mass, clenbuterol can be released in conjunction with turinabol. As a result, we get a qualitative set, relief and venousness.

Clenbuterol is to be combined with other fat burners. It can be used together with burners from sports nutrition, thyroxine, ephedrine, yohimbine, methyldrene. You should choose the best combination for yourself individually, because some components can raise the pressure too much.

Side effects

Fat burning agents often have a bunch of side effects. In fact, a healthy organism easily tolerates the action of clenbuterol, it is enough to adhere to a few simple recommendations.

  1. Take clenbuterol in the morning to avoid insomnia.
  2. Use more plain water, since the maple has an easy diuretic effect.
  3. Include in the diet vitamins and minerals.
  4. Take medications to strengthen and maintain the heart - fish oil, l-carnitine, amino acids, drugs that dilute blood.
  5. Increase dosages only by listening to your individual sensations.

Which steroid is best for the first course?

After the athlete has placed himself before the fact of the beginning of using pharmacological support for sports progress, it is necessary to decide which steroid is better for the first course. In this case, safety and effectiveness factors are assessed. The goal is to recruit muscle mass and avoid side effects. So now let's analyze the basic steroids for the first course.

A variety of steroids provides a choice. Each means performs its function and is included in the cycle, proceeding from certain conditions. After all, not only bodybuilders use stimulant drugs and anabolic agents, so a significant increase in muscle also should not be expected from any tablet. And not all steroids will correspond to beginners.

There are three anabolic steroid that are most often chosen for the "first adventure" - danabol, testosterone enanthate and testosterone propionate. Why them? They bring significant results with a relatively small number of side effects. If we take into account the strength of the action, then it is not too weak, but not too powerful.

Why is it not safe to choose safe steroids for the first course, like Oxandrolon, Primore or Winstrol? These funds are too weak for the first year. Choosing an oxa solo or stanozolol promotes rapid recovery, increased protein synthesis and physical performance, strength. But for a cycle with the use of such drugs, solo should not be hoped for in terms of significant increases in muscle mass - the gain will be about 2-3 kg. Probably, someone sees the sense of cursing for the sake of such a result, but for the majority this is not the fully expected effect.

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There are also potent steroids that should be avoided at the stage of speculation about which steroid is best for the first course. Often one can become a witness of the disputes of "experienced" chemists about the superiority of the anapolon over the stanover. But people forget what the first course is for a beginner, and what steroids are effective and which ones are toxic. Also it is necessary to avoid the first course of preparations of oxymetholone and trenbolone.

Total we have 3 drugs that can be advised. Methandrostenolone is a steroid used among 90% of beginning chemists. Why? It is affordable, effective, relatively safe and acts in the form of a pill, which is extremely convenient in terms of taking and adjusting the dosage. It is not easy for many to make injections themselves, especially without the experience. If the very idea of ​​injections leads to horror, then oral steroids are the best solution.

The only possible replacement for methandrostenolone is represented by the safer steroid turinobol. The latter gives an increase in more dry muscle mass and increases strength. There are no side effects of turinabol - there is not so much water in the bay. Based on all the above, more and more often prefer turinobol, and not methane. This is more than reasonable. In other sports, turinabol is used to increase endurance and physical characteristics. Often used by its swimmers, tennis players, runners and other representatives of sports disciplines, where functionality is important.

Testosterone propionate is an injectable steroid and safer than methane. It is not toxic to the liver. The duration of the drug is in the range of two days, so you can quickly interrupt the course. The minus of fast ether is the need for frequent injections to maintain a consistently high concentration of the hormone in the blood.

Testosterone enanthate is an injectable steroid, an ether with a long side chain, which allows to slow release of the agent into the blood. By action it is similar to the testosterone propionate described above, but enanthate will be enough to put once a week (in some cases it is profitable 2 times a week).

Dosages of steroids for beginners on 1 course

Methandienone for the first course should be taken in adequately low doses, within 20 mg per day. Let it be a short cycle lasting 4-6 weeks, after which it is recommended to drink the clomid to start the production of endogenous (own) testosterone.

Turinabol or camper from the vermoj for the first course is used in dosages of 20-40 mg per day. To start, the cycle will be short - 4-6 weeks, after which you should drink tamoxifen 10 mg per day.

Testosterone enanthate for the first course is also used in minimal doses - 200 mg per week. This approach allows you to increase muscle mass and strength without side effects, since the dosages are really low. Duration of the course is 6-8 weeks. 2 weeks after the last injection, PCT should be given with the use of clomid. The first 5 days of PCT are 100 mg of clomid per day; the next 10 days - 50 mg of clomid per day.

Testosterone propionate for the first course is taken at 75 mg every other day. Frequent injections are performed to maintain the hormonal background at a high level. The duration of the course is 4-6 weeks. At the end, you should drink Clomid 1 tablet - 50 mg per day for 10 days in order to resume production of your own testosterone hormone.

After reading the descriptions of drugs and forming an idea of ​​which steroid is best for the first course, the athlete can begin to move to a combined course for muscle mass. The combination may look like nandrolone decanoate, testosterone enanthate, naposim. Nandrolone - 200 mg per week; enanthate - 200 mg per week; Methane - 25 mg per day. 2 weeks after the end of the use of steroids, we begin to take clomid. First day - 4 tablets; The second - 2 tablets; other days - 1 tablet. In total, 36 tablets of clomid should be drunk.

Principles - choice of steroids for 1 course

  1. It is necessary to choose steroids, according to their needs.
  2. Do not select more than 1 steroid for the first course.
  3. Do not use high dosages on the first course - over 250 mg per week.
  4. Steroids contribute to the most rapid recovery, which means the need to train several times intensively.
  5. Do not neglect after the course therapy and drink the clomid to start producing your own testosterone.

All you wanted to know about recovery after the course

The reception of steroid drugs is compulsorily violating the hormonal background of the body. Without this, nothing at all. Otherwise, we will not be able to collect the cherished kilograms of mass and achieve the sports results that are targeted. Many people in the sports world believe that steroids are harm. It's really a disaster if anabolics are in the hands of an athlete who is not going to learn the basic points, but not so many. These include the topic that we will consider in this article - recovery after the course. How to recover and not lose muscle, but still keep your health?

Who or what prevents the recovery after the course?

Restoring after the course is difficult for the reason that the body still has artificial testosterone, thanks to which we have received the coveted achievements. During recovery, we are required to raise the normal level of the male sex hormone, but this is not so easy.

Firstly, to begin with, it is necessary to wait until the artificial androgen ceases to work, which then affects the work of the hypothalamus. But it is the hypothalamus responsible for the production of LH, which affects the natural level of testosterone. But do not wait at the sea for the weather. Look at what kind of steroids you used, the half-life. This value indicates when the anabolic will be removed from the body.

Typically, if the injection was done on the tenth week, then two more weeks you will just have to wait for androgen to leave the body. Only then can one proceed with actions to increase the natural level of the male sex hormone.

Other factors that impede recovery

It should also be understood that inserting sticks into the wheels and interfering with recovery will be the amount of estrogens. Since during the course of the process there was a process of aromatization, testosterone was actively converted into estradiol. And as we know where estradiol is, there and his true friend is prolactin, which enhances the properties of estrogens. As a rule, these two hormones always increase at the same time.

Prolactin has the property of inhibiting the hypothalamus, which in turn should trigger the production of the luteinizing hormone responsible for the production of testosterone. Many athletes do not understand the connection between honey estradiol and prolactin, suppress the first, leaving the second without attention, and then wonder why the result remained unsatisfactory. In all, prolactin is to blame.

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It is best, especially for beginning athletes, to take the rule - you do not have to increase the amount of testosterone, but lower the concentration of estrogens and prolactin that block the synthesis of LH. And it is necessary to adhere to a certain order - first to lower prolactin, and only then to regulate the amount of estrogens, using special preparations. Reducing prolactin is necessary before post-course therapy, but not at any other time. Prolactin can be reduced with the drug Dostinex, but estradiol - with Letrazol. Both of them can be purchased at a pharmacy or at a pharmacological shop.

Why is it necessary to lower prolactin?

If you have not yet understood what you are reducing prolactin for, explain it again. Prolactin strengthens the action of estrogens. By lowering both these hormones, we take the path of increasing testosterone, libido and the normal functioning of the testicles, which are responsible for spermatogenesis. Do I need drugs to raise testosterone or stimulate the testicles? No. Letrazole, which you will use to reduce the concentration of estrogen, it also stimulates the production of the male sex hormone testosterone by the release of LH. And I must say that no one has complained about this stimulation - it is quite strong.

How to take Letrazole for estrogen correction?

Letrazole is taken both during the course and at the end of the course, when it is already necessary to make the transition to PCT. Experienced athletes and professional doctors advise taking the drug during the course - this method is safer and inspires confidence that everything will pass as it should. But this technique can reduce the increase in muscle mass. But the drug at the end of the course is less safe and is associated with various side effects, but it does not affect the muscle mass. You can use a dosage of 1 tablet in 7 days - you can also divide the tablet with a knife into three equal parts and take 3 times a week. You choose a more convenient way.

If you decide to drink the drug after the course and are preparing to go to the PCT, then we advise you to drink the pill every other day. Duration of admission - 14 days, then it is desirable to reduce the dose. But you need to understand that the dosage is set individually. Of great importance is the age and weight of the athlete. And you need to drink the drug in general only when there is a need for it. That is, you should start taking tests that show an overestimated or normal level of prolactin and estradiol.

Analyzes are performed 4 weeks after the end of the testosterone esters with a long half-life. And again - we remind you that the tests should be taken as often as possible to control the numbers and behavior of estrogens. You can also adjust the dose according to the testimony. A high figure indicates that it is possible to increase the dose, low - to reduce or cancel the drug.

When it is not necessary to use Letrazole?

Most athletes, after hearing new information, begin to use it even without the need. We want to warn that you do not need to take the drug on each course. This should be done only if there was aromatization, and some amount of testosterone was converted into estrogens. It must be remembered that any pharmacological agent is chemistry. How would we not love her, but it affects the body. It is necessary to use drugs only in case of incredible necessity. And if there is an opportunity to do without them - it's better that it will be so.

If you take anabolic steroids that give flavor and can lead to gynecomastia, then Letrazole is your friend and helper. And if you use safe steroids, hold the drug until the next time, it will come in handy and play a role, be sure.

How to reduce and block prolactin?

As we have already said, one should take very careful consideration of prolactin. High prolactin necessarily leads to a high level of estrogen. If the analysis showed an increased concentration of prolactin, then you need to reduce it. This will help Dostinex. This drug has a very good advantage - it almost does not harm the muscles. Twice a week in an amount up to 0.5 mg will be enough for prevention. Reducing prolactin with this drug will help to release LH and embark on the pathway of producing natural testosterone.

Should I use Clomid and Tamoxifen and when?

These drugs promote the synthesis of LH and are anti-estrogens. But you need to remember one thing, Tamoxifen affects the increase in progesterone. To accept them or not is up to you and the sports pharmacologist. It is important to remember that PKT is a very important recovery procedure, without which a new anabolic course is impossible. If you use drugs that affect the synthesis of certain hormones, you should carefully consider the scheme of taking.

Winstrol: what is it, how to apply and reviews

Winstrol is an artificially synthesized anabolic steroid. It was created in 1962 and for all this time Winstrol reviews received only positive.

Immediately after the appearance of the tool was used by official medicine in the treatment of hereditary angioedema, anemia, and also in the period of postoperative rehabilitation. The drug is available in the form of tablets and injections. Among the athletes the most popular is the injection. It should also be noted that when manufacturing the drug, the active substances dissolve in the oil, which significantly accelerates its effect on the body.

Effects of the drug.

Most often Winstrol uses bodybuilders. This is due to some features of the drug that distinguishes it from other steroids. Firstly, this, of course, is not a high indicator of androgenic activity. Secondly, the drug is safe if you follow the prescribed dosages.

It should be noted right away that the tool is not used for mass gathering. The drug is effective in the following cases:

  • It gives muscles a relief;
  • Strengthens the venous and, as a consequence, increases the amount of oxygen entering the muscle tissue;
  • Burns fats well;
  • Increases appetite, endurance and strength;
  • It excretes excess water out of the body.
  • Due to these effects provided by the drug on the athlete's organism, Winstrol's reviews are only positive.

Also worth noting steroid profile means:

  • The drug can be detected in the body for 15 to 115 days;
  • Anabolic activity is 320% of that of natural testosterone;
  • The drug works for 8 hours;
  • The activity of the androgenic type is 30% of that of natural testosterone;
  • There is no effect of aromatization.

How to take a steroid.

Winstrol has proven itself in combination with other drugs, for example, testosterone. This allows you to get quality muscle mass with minimal negative impact on the body.

The drug can be used both in the form of tablets, and in the form of injections. In the first case, the course of taking the drug should last no more than 6 weeks. At the beginning of the course, the dosage should be 10 mg during the day. Then during the first week the amount of the drug is brought to 30 mg.

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When using injections, you should use 50 mg once every two days. When using injections, the drug is used for a period of 6 to 8 weeks.

But the dosage for women should be said separately. The optimal daily dose for women is from 5 to 10 milligrams of the drug. It is very important to note that it is best for women to use a tablet steroid.

As a conclusion.

Injection of the female body perceives well, but there is, albeit a minimal, risk of androgen accumulation. And to divide one tablet into several receptions is much easier than an injection. In many respects it was the safety of the drug that became one of the main reasons that Winstrol's reviews collected only positive ones.

If nevertheless it was decided to use injections, then one ampoule should be divided into two parts. Also, breaks are necessary at reception. In this case, the optimal dosage will be 25 mg of the drug once for two or three days.

Bronchodilators in bodybuilding

Sports nutrition in modern times is often used by athletes to improve their results through the use of biologically active additives. These supplements are abbreviated as BADs or steroids. Buy bronchodilator funds now is absolutely simple, because they are sold by ordinary stores, and specialized Internet resources.

Nutraceuticals and food concentrates, which are also biologically active additives, were developed for people who lead an active lifestyle, or rather engage in sports. Their positive properties seem simply incredible, as the producers of dietary supplements promise that after their intake the strength and endurance of the athlete will increase, the muscle mass will increase, almost instantly, and the physical well-being will improve, both physically and morally. They also guarantee that sports nutrition is completely safe for the health of the person taking it, so you can use this product to everyone, regardless of age and sex.

High-quality food for athletes is made on the basis of scientific tests and research, which are conducted in a variety of industries. To do this, you need a substantial financial investment, so the price of bronchodilators can sometimes seem sky-high. Many of us are used to believe that the more expensive a drug is, the better and safer it is. Unfortunately, with the biologically active additives the situation is slightly different. Along with the bona fide manufacturers of dietary supplements, a huge number of scammers are working, attracted by the possibility of easy money on gullible buyers. They give out substandard supplements or something completely different for high-quality and licensed products, offering it a little cheaper. Therefore, the choice of food additives must be treated responsibly, and watchful. Initially, it is recommended to understand what the modern dietary supplements are.

Types of steroids and sports nutrition.

All the existing sports nutrition can be divided into several types:

  • proteins that are responsible for the increase in muscle mass and have an anti-catabolic effect;
  • geynery, affecting almost the same as the previous version of sports nutrition, increasing not only muscle mass, but also restoring energy;
  • amino acids that have an anti-catabolic effect. They can also be divided into several subspecies - BCAA, NMB (muscle nutrition), agrinin (improvement of muscular digestibility), glutamine (a large amount of amino acid present in the muscle tissue);
  • fat burners, the main purpose of which is displayed in their name;
  • anabolic complexes aimed at the collection of muscle mass;
  • Creatine, which increases the strength of a person and positively affects the tone of the muscles;
  • vitamin-mineral complexes, helping to reduce the load on the body during weight loss or sudden weight gain;
  • food substitutes, which are used by athletes at weight reduction;
  • PUFA.

The choice of the necessary type of sports nutrition can be affected by the goals for which the athlete is taking such a difficult step. The use of bronchodilators can be a threat to health, especially if they are improperly and thoughtlessly selected, and also illiterate.

For example, a person comes to the gym to lose weight. At the same time, standard methods of this process do not help him, so he decides to use sports nutrition. In this situation, he needs fat burners, which could be found in the above list.

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If the purpose of visiting a sports hall in a person opposite to the one described above - he wants to gain muscle mass, then it is more expedient for him to take proteins and gains.

When everything is clear with the type of dietary supplements, another question arises: where to buy steroids? Earlier preparations of this type could be bought only in specialized basement outlets that worked illegally, since this type of product was itself considered illegal. At the same time, only trusted personalities from acquaintances and trusted sellers could acquire it. Now everything is a bit simpler: dietary supplements are realized through the Internet and are sold in almost every gym. The reason for this was the lifting of the ban from pharmacological products of the sports profile. The fact is that if a steroid drug, which was previously banned by law, is added to a non-steroid substance and made it essential, then this drug will no longer be illegal.

What to look for when buying an AAS.

The easiest way to buy a course of steroids is via the Internet. Choosing a product of this class, it is recommended to pay attention to the manufacturer. The most high-quality and safe additives are offered by firms from countries such as the USA, Germany, Poland. Also they are manufactured by Russia and Ukraine, and their pricing policy is much more loyal.

The sale of steroids is carried out through online stores. Official (owned by the manufacturer) guarantee the security of the transaction, as they are interested in ensuring that every buyer remains satisfied. Positive feedback will have a positive impact on their reputation, attracting revenue. The most popular manufacturers of sports nutrition can now be called:

  • Balkan Pharma.
  • Organon.
  • Vermodje.
  • British Dragon.
  • PharmaCom Labs.

In January 2013, the US Food and Drug Administration officially announced that the use of sports nutrition is legitimate and even beneficial. Therefore, American manufacturers became more free, which allowed to increase the quality and expand the enterprise. Now, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and simple devotees of an active lifestyle should take protein shakes and other supplements. A specialized online store of steroids will offer not only various biologically active substances, but also advice on their use.

Boldenon all the advantages and disadvantages

Boldenone, a steroid that was originally developed for veterinary use, but in recent years it has been increasingly used by athletes in sports. The drug has a similarity in its composition with testosterone, but at the same time it affects the human body in a different way. The main distinctive feature of it from other steroids is a positive effect on metabolic processes in the body, especially on the synthesis of proteins in the muscle mass, which actually attracts athletes.

Positive effects

The main effects of the drug include:

  • The course of Boldenon allows you to slowly but surely build up quality muscle mass;
  • increases appetite, which is important for the athlete, and this is the main reason for its use in livestock;
  • Improves the strength and endurance of athletes;
  • increases the number of erythrocytes in the blood, thereby improving the access of oxygen to muscle tissue;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • improves protein synthesis in muscles.

Adverse events.

One of the least toxic anabolic steroids.
Boldenone has almost no effect on liver function
. Androgenic effects of the drug are moderate, due to which such manifestations as baldness, acne and prostate hypertrophy, are diagnosed extremely rarely. Also, this factor makes it possible to use a steroid for women, which is considered a rare phenomenon, since most anabolics have high androgenic activity and because of this are not recommended for reception by a beautiful half.

From the side of estrogenic activity, manifestations in the form of puffiness or growth of mammary glands by the female type are practically not detected, even with a rather impressive dose of the drug.

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The drug has an effect on the cardiovascular system, primarily as a result of increased cholesterol levels, but this effect is extremely negligible when taking Boldenone. At the time of taking any anabolic steroid, it is recommended to take fish oil four grams a day. In addition, the use of simple carbohydrates and saturated fats should be minimized.

If we consider the steroid profile, then Boldenon has 50% androgenic manifestations in comparison with testosterone, the anabolic property is the same in them, the level of estrogenic and progestogen activity in the drug is low, there is no effect on the liver. Such a component of the drug and makes it in demand in the circles of bodybuilders.

The course of Boldenon.

You can use the drug alone or in combination with other steroids. For individual admission, the recommended dose is one injection per week in the amount of 400-800 mg. A smaller dose is recognized as ineffective, and a large dose significantly increases the risk of side effects, despite the greater effectiveness. The course itself lasts for 8-10 weeks. At the end of the course, it is recommended to drink drugs that minimize the side effects after steroids, PCT (post-course therapy). For best results, you should combine the Boldenon reception with exercise and sports nutrition.

If you plan to resort to a combined course, for example, Boldenone and testosterone enanthate, the timing of admission should be reduced to six weeks.

There are several combined schemes

The first is the use of boldenone and testosterone enanthanum, Tamoxifen and Proviron can also be added to the course. This combination is recognized as the best for beginner bodybuilders, since Boldenon suppresses estrogenic and adrenogenic manifestations of testosterone, while increasing anabolic activity. Such a course is designed for a long period, from the first to the eighth week injections of testosterone enanthan in the amount of 500 mg and Boldenone 800 mg (this is a weekly dose). From the tenth week Proviron is added, with the eleventh Tamoxifen.

The high quality of the muscular mass is noted when applying the next course. Winstrol + Boldenone + Testosterone propionate. In the proportions Winstrol 50 mg. starting from the sixth week of the course. Boldenone 200 mg. and testosterone 100 mg. from the first to the tenth week. Achieve a dry muscle mass is obtained by adding to the course Winstrol.

For women, there are other dosages of the drug. They are significantly lower than for men and are on the order of 50-75 mg. in Week. Despite the fact that this is one of the few drugs that allows admission by his women, refers to the use, should be done with caution. The drug has a delayed effect, which prevents the control of the level of hormones in the blood and still may show signs of masculinization.

Often Boldenon is used to replace Nandrolone in the second cycle of the course, especially in those sports where athletes require endurance, since the unique property of the drug is the release of erythropoietin in the kidneys, which entails an increase in erythrocyte mass. Also, the steroid is ideal in the drying period, since it does not cause water accumulation in the muscle tissue, it is less effective for mass gain, but the action is simple, slower than, for example, in more aggressive anabolics.

Reviews Boldenon has positive, for all points (the severity of the effect, the quality of muscle mass, the incidence of side effects, the phenomenon of recoil, etc.) the drug scored more than 80% of the positive opinion of the athletes who took advantage of it.

From the history of drug discovery

As an anabolic steroid, Boldenon was first developed in 1949, the pharmacological company Ciba. In 50-60 years, a drug agent called Parenabol was released, its main focus was - treatment of osteoporosis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. But in the market of medicines for people, Boldenon did not stay long, since 1970 it was banned, and was used only in veterinary medicine, mainly for horses.

Similarity and differences with other steroids.

Boldenone is compared with various more familiar anabolics, such as Testosterone, Methandrostenolone, Nandrolone. But is there a similarity with these drugs, or does Boldenon have other qualities?

Boldenone and Methandrostenolone

The molecular composition of both steroids is almost identical, except for the methyl group in the 17 position. But just this difference and changes the structure of the molecule. The methyl group in Methandrostenolone significantly increases the level of side effects, especially in the negative effect on the liver. Also, methandrostenolone is not able to activate the androgen receptor, which is significantly inferior to Boldenone. These facts make significantly more harmful Methandrostenolone than, Boldenon. The identical effect is to increase appetite, which makes both these drugs desirable in bodybuilding.

Boldenone and Testosterone

In fact, Boldenon is considered a softer version of Testosterone, since the drug in question lacks the enzyme 5-a-reductase, which is the main difference. Both drugs stabilize the androgen receptor well and have non-genomic activity.

Boldenone and Nandrolone

Despite the dissimilarity of the molecular structure of medicines, they were the closest in their properties. In some cases, they are prescribed as interchangeable steroids. The difference between them in the non-genomic activity, which is more pronounced in Boldenon and the best progestagenic action on the part of Nandrolone, which allows him to increase muscle mass faster.

Preventive measures against side effects

Despite the fact that the drug is sparing and has the least negative impact on the body, it still remains a steroid and requires the implementation of certain rules to avoid side effects. Here are the main ones, which, incidentally, concern the reception and other anabolic steroids:

  • regulate the dosage of the drug, do not exceed the recommended amount;
  • the duration of the course should not exceed 12-16 weeks;
  • systematically donate blood for biochemical analysis and hormonal background;
  • take antiestrogens to control their own production of testosterone and prevent the development of gynecomastia (growth of mammary glands).

In any case, if you have decided to take the Boldenon course, even despite its minimal effect on the body, it is necessary to approach responsibly to the design of the reception scheme. In this regard, the ideal option will be to contact a specialist who will draw up an individual program that fits the best way for you.

Testosterone Suspension


  • Rapidly disintegrates. During the day, after the injection was injected, an anabolic effect is formed.
  • Promotes rapid muscle growth.
  • Helps in burning excess fat.
  • Makes muscles stiff and embossed.
  • Promotes a rapid increase in strength.
  • Increases libido, but similar is observed only during the use of testosterone.

Side effects

Suspension of testosterone in just a few minutes begins to concentrate in the blood and this may give rise to certain side effects. It should be noted increased androgenic activity, which contributes to the formation of acne, gynecomastia, as well as the accumulation of fluid in the body, which is difficult to withdraw.

In addition, it is necessary to point out the fact that testosterone suspension has side effects on the liver especially when its consumption is uncontrolled.

If testosterone is used by a teenager, then it can be noted premature puberty, a negative effect on the prostate gland until the formation of cancerous tumors, frequent erections, depressive states, unexplained anxiety and nausea, and open bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract and jaundice. In addition, the athlete can torment seborrhea, which is not the best way to affect the appearance. If you are not embarrassed, then you can buy a testosterone suspension on our website.

It is important to pay attention to the pressure in the kidneys, as these organs are involved in the excretion of testosterone and are most susceptible to toxic effects, because there is excessive fluid retention in the human body, which can lead to significant negative consequences.

When using the drug, women undergo a process of virilization, that is, the appearance of masculine signs (excessive hair, the shoulders become wide with respect to the hips). The side effects of a testosterone suspension can be avoided, unless the dosage is exceeded.

How to use

Often, a course of testosterone suspension is used, following the scheme, after a day, 50-100 mg before the competition, or much more often, daily with a reduced dosage of 50-100 mg. It all depends on the sport and on how much it is necessary to use the reserves of the body, the dosage can fluctuate and make up even 1000 mg per week.

But the drug should not be misused, especially in such overpriced dosages, as, perhaps, the appearance of gynecomastia, increased arterial and renal pressure. The price of testosterone suspension has always pleased athletes around the world.

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Before taking testosterone, women should weigh the pros and cons, as there is an almost irreversible process of virilization. Suspension should be mixed in one syringe with other drugs of anabolic type, which includes a fat or water component.

It is also recommended to take vitamin B12, which helps to significantly reduce soreness. In addition, in order to eliminate pain, the drug must be mixed with lidocaine or novocaine. The price of a testosterone suspension will allow you to blunt all the necessary goods for a better course.


People involved in sports leave excellent testimonials about testosterone suspension, as, firstly, it improves endurance greatly, and secondly, even with huge loads, the muscles are obedient and work fine.

In addition, there is a rapid recovery between approaches. For cyclical weight gain, it is recommended to combine it with ekaipoz or nandrolone. The substance is active for 24 hours.

Others, in contrast, note a significant lack of testosterone suspension, which is that it is necessary to inject very often, and this is a constant soreness and the formation of swelling in the place of the injection.

Athletes often note the appearance of excess hair on all parts of the body, especially when the testosterone suspension is used for a long time. Buy a suspension of testosterone at a low price you can in our online store.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate

Testosterone phenylpropionate is one of the fast-burning esters of testosterone, which recently entered the sports market and immediately began to be in demand among athletes.

Attention to yourself this drug has achieved due to its basic quality - the principle of its action is very similar to the action on the body of testosterone propionate, but the period of its half-elimination is longer. The rate of testosterone phenylpropionate was presumed by every bodybuilder in the world.

This leads to the fact that taking this drug, you achieve a similar effect, but fewer injections that are not painless, and can also cause tissue swelling and even an abscess. You can buy testosterone phenylpropionate and many other products in our store.


By influencing the cellular elements of muscle tissue, activating the insulin-like growth factor, and concentrating in the muscles of nitrogen, testosterone, phenylpropionate has such effects as:

  • Intensive muscle growth
  • Formation of relief
  • Increased libido
  • Increased Physical Stamina
  • Accelerating the rate of recovery of muscle tissue
  • Energy effect
  • Fat Burning Effect

Side effects

This drug has a high incidence of side effects, which are represented by gynecomastia, acne, alopecia, prostate enlargement, allergic reactions, priapism (painful penile tension), arterial hypertension.

With prolonged use of testosterone phenylpropionate, production of own testosterone is significantly reduced, which can subsequently lead to testicular atrophy, as well as complete disorganization of the hormonal background with the deposition of excess weight.

  Women develop virilization (coarsening features, hirsutism, mammary atrophy), dysmenorrhea or amenorrhea may occur. Masculinization in women is irreversible, which significantly limits the use of testosterone.

  Contraindicated take the drug in the presence of diseases such as gynecomastia, organic pathology of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, atherosclerosis, cancer or adenoma of the prostate, renal or hepatic insufficiency. Can not be used during pregnancy and lactation in women.

How to use

As an anabolic drug for muscle mass, 200 mg is administered intramuscularly with a three-day interval or 2 times a week. The testosterone phenylpropionate test is 6 to 10 weeks.

Elongation of the course is undesirable because of the supersaturation of the organism by androgens, which leads to aggravation of the conditions associated with side effects. More experienced athletes dosage can be increased to 500 mg. You can buy testosterone phenylpropionate at a low price on our website.

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  It should be combined with diet and sports nutrition. The drug can be used alone or in combination with other steroids. It is necessary to combine with antiestrogenic (tamoxifen, toremifene, fulvestrant ...) and gonadotropin drugs (gonadotropin), to prevent gynecomastia and impaired sexual function at the end of the testosterone phenylpropionate course.


Many athletes leave positive testimonials about testosterone phenylpropionate, thanks to its price and strong effect. If you decide to buy testosterone phenylpropionate and you do not stop, put it in the basket and make out the purchase, we'll deliver it as soon as possible.

Steroids in bodybuilding

Preparations related to the group of anabolic steroids were discovered relatively recently. Back in the 30-ies of the twentieth century, only some of the biochemists heard of them. But already at that time it was known that extracts from testicles of animals can strongly influence the human body.

What are anabolic steroids?

After several years of research by European scientists in 1931, androstenone was isolated, and in 1935 - testosterone. The names they received from the Greek words "andros" - a man and "dough" - an egg. Chemically, these substances belong to the group of ketones of the sterol series. Male sex hormones can significantly activate intracellular synthesis of protein structures. The processes of synthesis in the body are otherwise called anabolism. Hence their name is anabolic steroids.

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Everyone knows that because of the effect on plastic metabolism, steroids in bodybuilding are used quite often. But this is not their only application. They are used to treat joints and fractures, recommend depleted people after severe illnesses, prescribe for severe blood loss and severe diabetes.

Anabolic steroids and and bodybuilding

Using steroids in bodybuilding, there are two main directions of their effects: anabolic and androgenic. The most important for athletes are the anabolic effects of these drugs. These include:

  • activation of the rate of synthesis of proteins forming the basis of muscle tissue;
  • an increase in the strength of skeletal muscles;
  • strengthening of other parts of the musculoskeletal system: bones, joints, ligaments;
  • lifting the indicators of the working capacity of the human body, a marked increase in its endurance;
  • the increase in the numerical parameters of blood composition (hemoglobin, shaped elements), the growth of its total volume in the system;
  • concomitant decomposition of adipose tissue.

The androgenic manifestation of anabolic steroids is rather related to undesirable effects. Under the influence of these drugs, aggressiveness sometimes increases, men lose hair on their head and are at risk of dystrophy of the testicles, the growth of mammary glands can begin. In women, on the contrary, the masculine features manifest themselves, so-called masculinization occurs: the voice coarsens, the hair and body grow on the body and face, the sexual function is disrupted, the mammary glands decrease in size. Competent use of anabolic agents helps to minimize adverse effects.


Each athlete often encountered severe pain in his muscles, waking up the day after the strength training, especially if it was the first training in a long period of time. This pain arises as a result of a number of physiological processes occurring in the human body. Let's look at the main causes of muscle pain after exercise.


This pain arises after unaccustomed loads on the muscles and is caused by the intensive release of muscle fibers from lactic acid, the metabolic product.

Minor damage to muscle fibers can also cause pain. Microfractures in muscles occur when performing physical exercises. As they heal, the muscles become hypertrophic, in other words grow. Therefore, many professional athletes perceive such muscle pain as a sign of muscle growth. Even a related proverb appeared: "There is no pain - there is no growth." The degree of muscle damage depends on the amount, intensity and type of exercise. Minor injuries can occur from any movements, but especially they are promoted by the alternation of stretching and rapid muscle contraction.

Pain can arise from convulsions, after unusual, previously unused, exercises, from excessive stress during normal daily exercises. Or after a long break in training, as well as beginners who are in a hurry to achieve visible results in a short time and take on excessive loads.


The best way to avoid painful consequences is to do an energetic warm-up, sometimes even lasting longer than the basic workout.

Power loads need to be added very smoothly, and do not start from the first day of hard training. After all, in order to adapt to new loads, the muscles need some time. You should also avoid a sudden change in the type of class.

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Each series of approaches should be completed with an easy hitch.

Morning muscle pain is a natural phenomenon, and you should not worry about it. In a couple of days it will pass by itself. But also to load a sick muscle is also undesirable, otherwise it will not be able to recover normally. And on the site of minor injuries inside the muscle tissue scars can form, which is very undesirable.


  • If you really avoid muscle overload and subsequent pain, you can take a contrast shower or a cold bath. Often experienced athletes treat muscle pain in precisely such ways.
  • Sometimes stretching problem muscles helps to significantly improve health.
  • Promotes the rapid healing of minor injuries warm bath with mint and ethereal healing oils. Heating compresses, stimulating blood circulation, would also come in handy.
  • As soon as possible to eliminate the pain will help the intake of vitamins E and C.
  • To relieve the pain, you can try rubbing an ointment or an anesthetic cream in a sore muscle, rubbing lightly with gentle movements, so as not to increase the pain. You can do a light massage.
  • It is also useful to drink mineral water.

It should not be during the pain to stop going to workouts, only it is recommended to somewhat reduce the force load, and work out other muscle groups that do not bother.

It would be good to be like yoga or light aerobics. From this, the blood in the muscles becomes active, and they will soon cease to hurt.

But if the pain lasts a week or longer, then you need to go to the doctor. After all, the pain can be caused by a serious injury!

Why should not girls be afraid of a gym?

Most girls and women bypass the gyms side. The reason is too banal. This is a lack of self-confidence, a sense of fear and embarrassment. This conclusion can be made by observing how they first go to the gym. At the sight of pumped up guys and girls who have an ideal figure, they are lost, frightened looking around and even afraid to approach their coach. For some reason it seems to them that everyone is looking at them.

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In this there is nothing to worry about. Each experienced athlete, for the first time going to training, felt the same feelings. The first visit to the gym is always a stress, therefore it is necessary to treat this with understanding. This article is dedicated to those girls who are afraid of the hall and therefore can not work with all their might.

Stop being afraid!

Think about why you came to the gym? Does your goal justify the means? If you decide to attend training, then you need to overcome all your fears and forget about complexes that do not allow you to work on yourself. It's ridiculous to believe that everyone who trains in the gym has focused on you and your figure. The gym is a place where every person has a personal space in which he deals exclusively with himself and with his body. First of all, it should be understood that very few people have an ideal figure from nature. As a rule, this is the result of hard work on yourself, and each of those present in the gym only pays for themselves, practically not interested in strangers and the results of their training.

What will help improve the body?

Dear girls, we offer you a few recommendations that will help improve your body. You should know that you can achieve the desired result with a combination of a balanced diet, regular training in the gym and the right psychological mood.

  1. Diet. Sitting on a diet does not mean that you need to starve, completely giving up your favorite treats. It is recommended to eat from 4 to 6 times a day in small portions. The diet should be developed by a specialist, since it may include harmful foods for your body. In any case, you need to ignore your craving for chocolate, ice cream and other harmful treats.
  2. Regular training. In order to lose weight, training with cardiovascular equipment will not be enough. In any case, the program must include training with weight. Having developed a training plan, you must carefully follow it and be very patient, as in one day the body will not change.
  3. Psychological attitude. A mirror will help to raise or break your self-esteem. Every day, looking into it, hoping to see the changes, you can hardly notice the result. There is a more effective way. After a while, take pictures of yourself and compare photos. Thus, you will clearly see the difference. If you decide to train in the gym, then work on yourself and your body!

Ten Secrets of Proper Muscle Building

Just as any hunter, where the pheasant sits, wants to know every Athlete everything about the secrets of muscle building. Secret training techniques, magical proteins, as well as the means of the muscles, such as wheels with a pump to "pump", are myths that are not confirmed by the facts, because in reality, every secret is located in a dozen simple rules, which guarantee in the shortest possible time, the maximum result!

1. The new Exercise is the best Exercise

by the time the body of the athlete develops a habit for each Exercise. The more you do it, the faster the body gets used to it. Therefore, the program for the pumps of individual muscle groups should be as diverse as possible. You can change not only the Exercises themselves, the number and frequency of approaches, but also the techniques of implementation. So the body will not get used to the loads, so that you don't have to wait long!

2. Brevity - the sister of a Bodybuilder

spend Sometimes, in the desire to achieve maximum results, athletes hours in the gym and exhaust your body to the point of exhaustion. The secret is that the exercise in Bodybuilding should be as short as possible: Only 45 minutes per day are enough to ensure that the amount of testosterone and Cortisol, which is produced by the body, remains at a level that is the muscle growth. The thing is, that in the case of testosterone, which contributes to the build-up of muscle mass, the levels of cortisol, which destroys muscles and the deposition of the fat layer contributes to the geometric Progression is growing. For this reason, a longer Training has a contrary to popular belief, negative and removes the athlete from the desired result.

3. Competent distribution of weight loads

Among modern athletes and fitness trainers, there are active discussions about what style of Training is most effective in building muscle mass. To take more weight, but they work at the same time slow, or you give less load with more intensity? In any case, adherence to the "Golden mean" is the right decision. The secret is the right exchange of loads: First, the muscles have to be loaded with great Weights in order to reduce the weight of the shells during training gradually.

4. Rest is an important part of the training.

on the basis of the first paragraph of this list of the secret can not be understood, that the Athlete due to the change in the rest period allows the body to get used to the Exercise"". Even the smallest gap between the approaches can lead to the result: The muscles to grow by leaps and bounds!

5. Basic exercises with barbells and dumbbells

In most cases, modern athletes to work during the strength training with simulators. This is partly correctly, because the Simulator will help to train several muscle groups at the same time. On the other hand, a comprehensive study can lead to the build-up of muscle mass is stopped, since the main purpose of such devices is the relief to work out. The "base", the dumbbells Work with a long, dumbbells and other sports equipment, enables the use of all muscles in the body, because the body must receive, in addition to the work with the weight of the balance during the workout to maintain and control. The deadlifts, squats and other Exercises, of the basic complex are much more complicated than the work with the Simulator, but will bring you the result much faster than the state of the art inventory!

6. Do not concentrate on Cardio Exercises

of Course, a home trainer and a treadmill is not necessary. The secret is to reduce this work to a Minimum - 1-2 sets per week, for intense cardio training leads to muscle growth, the responsible hormones support the work of the cardiovascular system.

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7. The technique to perfect

This secret hearing, will laugh most of the athletes and say, "Thank you, Cap!". In practice, however, even among experts, the technique of the Exercises frequently, which has an impact on the result. It is important to remember that the muscles must pull in the course of the exercise to the end. At the same time, it is worth noting that you can for the sake of correct technique, the maximum weight of the victims!

8. Pay attention to the Constitution of the body

the effectiveness of The training depends on the type of the body of a Person. For example, Endomorphic (people with an extremely slow metabolism) will train up to 5-7 Times per week, to achieve minimal results, during a lean Ectomorphic (Athlete with the fastest metabolism) will achieve the desired results 2-3 times faster. 3-4 days a week in the gym.

9. Real-time plan - the key to successful Training

This confirms that most of the secrets of effective muscle are building is actually on the surface itself. Due to their simplicity, these tips will be ignored. The life of modern people is a cycle of events, sometimes not even a Minute of leisure is conceding. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the schedule of training, with a special responsibility. It is extremely undesirable to interfere with the teaching, since even the slightest deviation can have from the usual schedule have a negative impact on the total physical shape. In case of intensive employment, the training program should be chosen in such a way that everyday activities distract from the Training.

10. Start a training log

Due to the recording of the results, it is possible to track the effectiveness of the selected training program. The magazine is an excellent Tool that you can use to create training plans, record results, and the progress can follow. As a Bonus, such a document is a Prime Motivation, because after "not before" and "after" to compare, the impression of the received physical Form and the typical muscle mass is much smaller.

The best anabolic steroids

The best steroids for weight gain in Australia

You have decided to build a perfect body with the "chemistry" in training? Then you will be interested to know what steroids are the best, popular and popular. After all, sometimes it is very difficult to understand the vast range of
proposed products and choose the one that will give the expected result, do not harm health.

Anabolic steroid Deca Durabolin

Deca-Durabolin (other names - Nandrolone, Retabolil) is the clear leader among anabolic steroids in many ways. This high efficiency, and relative safety. Also, do not
forget about the low androgenic activity and a slight pullback phenomenon. The list would not be complete if you do not add the lack of flavor and low toxicity. 

Such means may be used in the course solo or in an ensemble with other drugs. Quite often, this anabolic causes erectile dysfunction while taking: It's all in the decrease during the course of the preparation for the use of dihydrotestosterone feedback mechanism. 

This injectable steroid helps to quickly grow muscle mass. The results are amazing: in just three months is
possible to dial from thirteen to eighteen kilograms of muscle mass. So bodybuilders gladly accept this miracle drug. 

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This drug - excellent analgesic. Furthermore, it can heal the injured joints to some extent. This steroid is almost non-toxic. When you have achieved impressive results in a set of muscle mass, the steroid nandrolone decanoate keeps the achieved performance. Side effects should be allocated bloating and water retention.

Anabolic steroid Dianabol

Danabol (other names - Dianabol, Nianabol, methandrostenolone,
Naposim) - the most famous and effective steroid among all these oral medications. He has nearly half a century, has been on the top positions in different ratings of popularity of steroid. 

With the help of this tool can achieve unprecedented results in the growth of muscle mass. The same goes for power performance. Although there is one "but" - after the course this means there is an impressive pullback. Furthermore Danabol retains water, aromatized and have side effects androgenic action. But still bodybuilders prefer this tool to many others because of its high efficiency in the growth of
muscle mass and increase strength.

Not worth much really to listen to criticism, because the drug is necessary to test themselves, which is really effective. Toxicity his rather moderate way. When choosing a steroid course with this drug is optimal combination of Deca and testosterone.

Anabolic Turinabol

This steroid is
ranked third among the best drugs to build muscle mass. The parameters it is very similar to Dianabol, but even cleaner. The drug does not aromatize virtually does not retain water. And the rollback phenomenon is small. Therefore muscle dialed quality excellent. 

However, due to lack of water and flavoring effect battery weight set is worse than when taking conventional methane. That is why this drug is third, not the second. 

Effect of the drug is quite long - about sixteen hours. For oral agents is a great indicator. 

During the course of the preparation excluded
estrogenic side effects such as gynecomastia. In excessive doses, this agent is toxic to such an important organ such as the liver. Therefore it is best not to use the solo and combined courses.

Anabolic steroid Sustanon 250

Components of this steroid is testosterone enanthate. With the help of this drug can achieve impressive successes in increasing strength and muscle mass. Due to the fact that Sustanon - this
anabolic androgen, it has negative properties and has side effects. 

Thus, the drug strongly flavored, retains water and inhibits the hormonal system. At excessive doses can even chemical "castration." Rollback phenomenon of fairly strong. 

The drug is unique in that it separate ethers absorbed at different rates. Therefore, the injection of funds made less in comparison with other steroids. 

impressive power performance in the course of the steroid, Sustanon is best used in combination with other anabolics. Due to the duration of action of the drug, it is possible to give injections once a week.

Anabolic Testosterone enanthate (cypionate)

With this ester can achieve unprecedented results in muscle building. Although due to the fact that it is an androgen, and have undesirable side - the side effects and significant pullback after the cycle. 

This anabolic steroid is included in almost all courses and complexes in bodybuilding. It is
effective not only for a set of muscle mass, but also to work on relief. Impressive results have been achieved in the fight against excess weight. But here, in each case needs an individual approach and the selection of certain varieties of the drug. Thus, for a set of muscle mass is best suited enanthate and cypionate, and as a fat burner will be more appropriate propionate.

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Testosterone plays an important role in any steroid cycle - it does not matter, it is short or long, combined. Depending on the goal just need to use it differently.

Anabolic steroid Anadrol

Anadrol - one of the most powerful steroids when it comes to increasing weight and increase strength. Not only a drug can be compared with him in this. Although expressed herein in the
presence of side effects - of hormonal balance, hypertrophy of cardiac muscle, liver damage. 

But mostly these reactions are possible only in case of an overdose, so it is necessary to consult a specialist about cycle times and dosages. A training scheme nominate your coach, with him, too, do not forget to consult.

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When excessive dosages of the drug can lead to myocardial hypertrophy. In addition,
after the cycle is observed quite a kick.

Anabolic Trenbolone

This is the strongest anabolic steroid, which force acts on muscle growth exceeds Deca four times. Unfortunately, the side effects of trenbolone also impressive. This, for example,
increased androgenic activity, resulting in increased aromatisation of the steroid. 

This drug is the best steroid that increases insulin-like growth factor. This increases the sensitivity of receptors. The same goes for the anabolic activity. Trenbolone rate should not exceed 8-10 weeks, it is important to rest for at least twenty days. 

Be sure to consult your doctor holly holm steroids, because it is a steroid with a formidable side effects. And, then, only an expert will be able to choose the right dosage and prescribe the duration of the cycle. And do not forget to talk to the coach on the choice of the ideal
training schemes while taking this steroid.

Anabolic steroid Equipoise

With such an anabolic steroid as Ekvipoiz, you will gain weight quickly. Conventionally, this injectable form of methandienone, although the effect of radically different from the prototype. Means little flavored, with its help it is possible to quickly build muscle.

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Furthermore, active drug perfectly enhances
appetite and is excellent stimulator of protein synthesis in muscle tissues. He slightly retains water and allows you to save a lot of that was gained during the course, even after his graduation. Injectable steroid is not toxic to the liver, it improves blood.

The best steroids for drying in Australia

  • Anavar. It is safe to say that this is the safest anabolic steroids. Anavar (oxandrolone) - mild anabolic drug. It has a relatively low toxicity. The same applies to the androgenic effect. This tool is advantageously used as a fat burner in a cycle for drying and relief. 

    In addition, this is an excellent filler on course for growth of muscle mass and strength. Anavar huge popularity enjoyed by bodybuilders and powerlifters. Low toxic steroid virtually no effect on the production of endogenous testosterone.

  • Trenbolone. This is an excellent fat burner. It is used not only in courses for the masses, but also for drying. It is able to increase the level of insulin-like growth factor, whereby it is used for burning fat.

  • Masteron. Anabolic steroid-taking in order to achieve muscle relief. Here there is a distinct androgenic effect and, consequently, the corresponding adverse effects. Thanks to the course with Masteron, it is possible to achieve muscle hardness - all a matter of a diuretic effect.

  • Winstrol. Such steroid demanded among athletes as Winstrol® (Stanozol) used during drying. It is toxic to the liver, so you should consult a doctor about the dosage during the course. Tablet form is less effective and more toxic. It is better to pay attention to the injection of the drug. With the help of Winstrol can greatly increase the strength. 

Anabolic steroids effect

To do this, the best steroids Winstrol and Anavar will. They significantly increase the performance of force, and with almost no effect on body weight. In order to also gain a lot of muscle, include a cycle of
testosterone or trenbolone.

What is Testosterone

Testosterone is an important male hormone that plays a key role in the body both men and women. This hormone occurs a huge number of important processes: the development of muscles, the growth process, minimize body fat and it it regulates sexual behavior, thereby causing libido from representatives of both male female.

Unfortunately, with age, every man, he wouldn't have been a way of life, faced with the problem of its deficiency in the body. Reaching a certain peak, the body ceases to provide the male normal testosterone level in the blood, which in consequence will lead to an androgenic deficiency. But, what to do it is not enough testosterone for the normal functionality of the organism? There is a solution is the resumption of a number by taking synthetic hormone in pill or injection.

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Intramuscular testosterone injections are the most effective and popular drugs hormonogenesis. In practice, they are used for quite a long time and have established ourselves as a proven tool. In turn testosterone pills are too strong anabolic and androgenic effect. That is why it is used only when a pronounced deficit. If the person just wants to restock in order to look more healthy and feel younger – testosterone pills can be fraught with various consequences, but more on that later.

In some cases, it is necessary to take testosterone

As you can see, testosterone plays a very important role in the body of girls and males, but in some cases it is necessary to replenish? Men this drug is often intended, with the apparent delay of sexual ripening. Also, without his help can not do with the underdevelopment of genitals, evnuhoidizme, oligospermia, endocrine impotence, which was broken due to the Genesis of sperm. It is worth noting that without the injections and pills of testosterone for men (testosterone pills) for men not to do when such symptoms of male menopause as:

Reduced physical and mental activity;
Decreased libido;
Violation of the nervous system.

As for the ladies, they testosterone pills (testosteronepills) and the injection necessary for the uterine cancer, osteoporosis, endometriosis, breast cancer, hyperestrogenism, etc. it is Also important to take it in functional bleeding, syndrome, tension, menopause and other diseases that somehow can be related to the deficiency of testosterone.

Testosterone pills side effects

As already noted above, the modern market offers the opportunity to buy testosterone brand in any form: capsules, tablets, injections, gels, plasters, etc, in order to maximize and increase levels of testosterone – it is necessary to select the most relevant option that is not only economically advantageous, but also the most effective.

For example, it is worth noting the fact that testosterone pills have so many side effects. Probably the most annoying thing is that testosterone pills for men it is very poorly absorbed by the human body, why are significantly less popular than injections.

Due to the fact that testosterone pills for men poorly absorbed by the human body, the drug does not dissolve completely, so some part is simply in transit through the body, which leads to a smaller effect of taking and additional costs on your part. It is worth noting that 70% of people who used, testosterone pills noted side effect which manifested itself with pain in the kidneys.

Data pain due to the fact that the human body is a mechanism, which sometimes can not cope with the assigned task to him, but because not completely dissolved tablets testosterone remained buy steroids online in the renal tubules, creating stones and sand. As you know, in turn, leads to additional health problems.

Injections injections of testosterone before sleep, you immediately send it into the bloodstream to start its work, but drinking a pill, you make even while you sleep your body smoothly, as you know, not the best way affect its condition.

Testosterone injections from "..."

As you can see, drugs to raise the level of testosterone may not be safe and effective. Therefore, to raise its level and not to harm your body – you need to turn to professionals. Only in this case you at an affordable price acquire high-quality drug that is absolutely safe for your health.

In order to begin to cooperate with our company – you need to fill in a medical form on our website. By completing this form, you guarantee yourself that you will be contacted by a highly skilled professional who will help you to determine the level of this hormone in your body, and if necessary, provide a prescription for obtaining the injection.

All injections which are received in our recipe certified. We provide a drug that not only artificially boosts hormone levels, thereby setupsa the production of natural, but rather a unique form of the drug allows to artificially boost hormone levels, to stimulate the level of development of the natural element in the human body.

Growth Hormone or Steroids

Although the human body is not yet fully known, it is clear to everyone that for a normal life and human development, you need a normal amount of growth hormone. In children the quantity of the hormone is much higher than in adults. This is due to the fact that after 20 years of growth hormone begins to stand out not much weaker, by an average of 10% every ten years.

What is growth hormone? In the human body growth hormone performs a great number of different functions. But, it is worth noting that it is not the hormone directly affects all cells of the body, it from the pituitary gland enters the liver and gives the command to work. The main hormone factor, which is produced in the human body is somatomedin , which is inherent in virtually every cell and increases the rate of protein synthesis.

The name of the hormone received as a result of the fact that people have not yet closed areas growth caused a pronounced acceleration in linear growth, that is in length. Also somatotropin has a powerful anabolic effect, meaning it can dramatically amplify protein synthesis and inhibit its breakdown. Due to the fact, in applying notable is the loss of body fat and the appearance of lean muscle mass.

HGH and steroids – the use of

Often due to the fact that the result of taking this drug are greatly increased anabolic and anti-catabolic effects of their confused with steroids, which in contrast to growth hormone applied only in sports, but not in the rejuvenation of the human body.

And let's remember that this is an important human hormone that is responsible for normal development of the human body. It can greatly increase the thickness of the muscles and bones in a natural way, without destroying the cells of the body. No wonder unlike steroid growth hormones they use it in serious diseases such as AIDS. Also, he is fully responsible for the rate of aging of the human body, which enjoyed unprecedented resonance among the stars of show business.

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Steroid growth hormones are a very different side in the body. They are a kind of lever to start the arrogant feed the main male hormone – testosterone, that are directly related to aggression and increased physical performance, but not health. In contrast to factors in growth hormone - steroid increases muscle mass. It should be noted that steroids are not a natural element of the human body, so it can be very different side effects.

Growth hormone and steroids – side effects

Growth hormone is very well recognized and absorbed by the human body, so the chance of serious side effects is equal to zero. It is worth noting that HGH Supplement better absorbed than injectable hormones. Also, growth hormone as conventional medicine just adopted to achieve certain goals, including Wellness, then you can stop the reception – they do not cause dependence.

Steroid hormones in turn have a number of negative consequences. For example androgynous steroids can lead to a significant reduction in the number of sperm, and even complete impotence men. In women, due to the fact that they take a huge amount of the male hormone it may cause facial hair, reduced breast size, disturbed menstrual cycle. Weight gain, acne, bloating, heart attack, stroke – all of this you can get people taking steroid hormones (hghsteroid).

Take growth hormone legally

As you can see, there is a huge difference between steroid hormones, which destroy the human body from the tissue to the bone and the artificial growth hormone, which perceived him as a natural component and does not cause side effects. But, do not forget that the adoption of growth hormones and steroids should be done under the supervision of a physician and on prescription. Not a legitimate use can lead to trouble with the police. In turn our website offers to fill in the form to get the drug and try for yourself this miraculous effect of taking the substance.

Buying growth hormone from us, you provide yourself with a high quality preparation that will make you more beautiful and sexy, while absolutely safe for your health.

Bodybuilding Steroids

Steroids are widely used by athletes to speed up metabolism and weight. These drugs are synthetic analogs of male sex hormones dihydrotestosterone and testosterone. They accelerate the production of proteins in the tissues of the muscles, which accelerates hypertrophy (growth) of tissues.

All anabolic steroids can be divided into anabolic and androgenic in accordance with their effects on the body. It should also be noted that steroids can be produced in tablet or injection form. Drugs became widespread, and today to find steroids in Australia is not a problem.

The impact of anabolic steroids on the body

As we have said, the steroids can make the body's anabolic or androgenic effects. To anabolic properties of drugs include the opportunity to accelerate the mass, and androgenic – stimulate development of secondary sexual characteristics men.

For athletes, of course, an important anabolic effect, androgenic and here I would like to exclude. However, they are closely interrelated, and separate the anabolic and androgenic activity is impossible. The scientists were able only to reduce it.

After the introduction of molecules of steroids interact with receptors of cell structures and activate specific genes. As a result, the athlete is gaining muscle mass, losing fat, and increases your physical performance.

Effects of anabolic steroids

Dramatically accelerates the process of muscle growth.
Increase physical parameters.
Increases eritrocitarna mass.
Accelerates the process of lipolysis.
It reduces the time required for the body to repair after heavy training.

When used correctly, anabolic steroids can not cause the body harm, and will significantly accelerate the progress of athletes. All this is confirmed by reviews of steroids that can be in a lot to find online.

The use of anabolic steroids in bodybuilding

Drugs can be used solo or in various combinations. Beginner athletes should start a "chemical" way with the use of preformed lung steroids. This is because the body gradually adapts to the use of anabolic steroids and if you will gradually increase the strength of your cycles, you can achieve the best results. The most popular among beginners are solo courses of methane and turinabol.

It is also desirable to begin all courses with minimal doses, gradually increasing them. Cycle times for lovers should not be more than three months. This is sufficient to obtain excellent results without the risk of harm to the body.

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In combined cycles (using a combination of two or more anabolic steroids) should be to combine drugs with a high androgenic and anabolic properties. It is not necessary to use only one androgen or anabolic steroids. It is also not recommended to use more than one tablet of steroid at the same time. If you follow all of the rules of application of the steroids, you'll be able to constantly progress and not be afraid for their health.