Cernos Gel (Testogel)

Cernos Gel (Testogel)

Cernos Gel (Testogel)

Brand :Sun Pharmaceuticals
Product Code :646
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Package: 14 sachets (5g each) per box
Substance: Testosterone supplements
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Men who experience slow development of secondary sexual characteristics and the occurrence of many pathologies linked to this hormonal imbalance can be prescribed Cernos Testosterone Gel as hormone replacement therapy.


The amount of testosterone in the body directly relates to how well male functions are carried out. The adrenal cortex and the genitals both contribute to the hormone's synthesis in equal measure. Such diseases require long-term treatment, and some men must take hormonal medications for the rest of their lives. The testosterone gel, which assists in re-establishing the hormonal balance in men, is one of the most well-known medications in this class.


Reviews by users of Cernos Gel


The effectiveness and safety of Cernos Gel have been praised by users, especially given that it is applied topically. Many people are grateful for how the medication has helped them keep their testosterone hormone levels in check by using it daily.


Beneficial features

Recommendations for using Testogel:


>      When compared to an injection of a comparable medication, the gel is much more comfortable to use because it doesn't result in pain or discomfort.

>      Encourages the growth of the genitalia and muscles

>      Distributes subcutaneous tissues uniformly

>      Controls the excretion and secretion of pituitary gonadotropin.

>      Promotes the retention and emergence of secondary sexual characteristics.

>      Since the gel rarely causes adverse reactions to manifest, it is very well tolerated.

>      A doctor is not required; you can use the gel on your own.





Use one sachet of the medication each day on freshly washed and dried skin. The gel must be used right away after the package is opened.


The abdomen, forearms, and shoulders should all receive testosterone gel application. Because there is a possibility of allergic reactions, avoid applying the medication to the genital area. You should also avoid applying the gel to cuts, wounds, or other abrasions.


It is not advisable to take the medication in combination with insulin, thyroid hormone stimulants, or different anticoagulants.

You should refrain from touching others for five hours after application because the gel can get inside their bodies and mess with their hormonal balance. Young children and pregnant women may particularly suffer from this.


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