Clen-Max (Clenbuterol)

Clen-Max (Clenbuterol)

Clen-Max (Clenbuterol)

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Substance: Clenbuterol hydrochloride (Clen)
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It is quite common in bodybuilding that drugs that were originally intended for medical use are now used for sports purposes and are far more effective than traditional drugs. One of the most striking examples is clenbuterol, which was used to treat asthma while also actively burning fat.

When the composition enters the body, all of its active ingredients begin actively using fat reserves as energy instead of carbohydrates. This is the cause of muscle drying and weight loss. The primary function of Clen is to burn fat. If you want to achieve other results, it is best to buy steroids.

Reviews by users of Clen-Max

Clenbuterol has grown extremely popular in recent years, not just among bodybuilders but also among regular gym goers. Professional athlete feedback in internet reviews talks about good outcomes, of course, if you follow a diet and engage in active training. The price is reasonable, but there are several advantages and only a few negative side effects. That is why Clen-Max is regarded as one of the most effective fat-burning supplements.

Beneficial features

Recommendations for using Clen pills

          An increase in metabolism of 20-30%> A 20-30% increase in metabolism

          Lowers the chances of fat formation in the body during consumption

          Strengthens the hormonal system, which aids in fat loss

          Muscles lose unnecessary fat and gain definition

          But only a careful commitment to diet, exercise, and sleep will allow these qualities to be fully realised.

          Clenbuterol is available for sale in the form of tablets or syrup, so the intake is strictly oral.

          Take 20 mcg daily in week 1; 40 mcg in week 2; 60 mcg in week 3; 80 mcg in week 4 and add 1mg of ketotifen; 100 mcg and 1mg of ketotifen in week 5; and 120 mcg and 1-2mg of ketotifen in week 6 depending on sensations.

          The recommended dose for athletes is about 40-120 mcg, and a maximum of 100 mcg for women.

          The cycle should not last more than one and a half months.

          Reduce the dose to 80 mcg if the results are positive.

A specialist's recommendations:

Ketotifen is employed because, after two weeks, receptors are downregulated, and the outcomes are reduced. This medicine is used as a supplement to avoid this, and it also helps to reduce the chance of negative effects.


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